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Shiki Japanese Restaurant, The Rocks

Looking back at my photos of yet-to-be-posted blogs, I eat my fair share of Japanese food.. if only this was somehow supporting those in Japan right now :(

Anyway, on this very special occasion I chose to dine at Shiki Japanese Restaurant - The Rocks, with the boy for his 21st birthday (25th February! .. yes, I am aware that was like a month ago :P). Well actually, mum told me about this restaurant and suggested I bring the boy there since his favourite cuisine is Japanese - yes, it was shameful for me to take credit for it lol.

*If you finish your meal before 8pm, you pay $65 instead of $80 for the degustation! So if you’re on a limited budget but still want to enjoy good food, I would definitely recommend Shiki! The degustation menu changes monthly so you can keep going and going and going… and not get bored! The service is superb as well which I’ll talk about later on :) http://www.shiki.com.au/page/free_coupons__vouchers.html    
The restaurant is quite spacious and has a lovely overlooking view of The Rocks markets! I love the surrounding decor and the soft jazz in the background. Look! Pebbles along the outskirts of the restaurant :D very zen-like!
     baby abalone
Baby abalone steamed with sake, chilled to serve
Very refreshing and the sake wasn’t overpowering at all, it tasted of chicken stock with ginger. mm.. baby abalone cooked perfectly, wasn’t chewy at all ♥ I really liked the crisp daikon slices :)
Sashimi with soy & chive sauce
Salmon & tuna sashimi! Woohoo fatty omega 3, good for your health & skin!

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Fashion Palette and Peter Doyle @ the Quay, Circular Quay

Whenever there is a fashion-filled girly event going on, I can always count on my darling girlfriend, Jessie to accompany me :) xx My spa buddy, gossip queen & indulgent eating partner ^^

We started off with an early morning rushing around doing our make-up, hair, last-minute changes on our outfits ..leaving no time to do our nails - ah well; we were on our way to attend Fashion Palette 2010! Since we decided to drive (we had a long day ahead of us: starting with Fashion Palette, Dinner at Sepia, and Sophie’s 21st), cheap-ish parking was absolutely near impossible to find near the Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks; we ended up parking outside of Shangri-la Hotel, later moving it to Hickson Rd. 

By the time we parked and trekked it down the road in heels *not a smart move, it was just about time for the scheduled start after collecting our goodies bag. There was an array of girls in fabulous outfits, even the guys were looking quite dashing, all lined up waiting to go into the show. Due to the suppliers missing a safety procedure, the show was delayed. Everyone waited nearly 2 hours! How ridiculous D: Whilst we were waiting, a Dilmah representative handed out sparkling Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea w/ a sprig of mint - just what was needed to calm the nerves.

Now for some eye-candy 

fashion palette

Most designers focussed on bold prints, block colours, emphasis of shoulders, and mixed with a sense of femininity (fur, chiffons, satins etc) in contrast. Favourite designers of the day: Wayne Cooper, The Dazed Elite, and Anaessia 

At the half-time lunch break, we were given 30 minutes to eat.. since there wasn’t enough time to sit-down and order a meal at Peter Doyle @ the Quay; the restaurant hostess was kind enough to organise a fish & chips take-away ($17), which they don’t normally offer!

                          Peter Doyle @ the Quay
Famous Fish & Chips: Flathead Fillets - golden fried in beer batter w/ potato chips, tomato sauce & own-made tartare sauce

hehe.. gobbled it all up in 15 minutes with a million-dollar view of the Opera House & the Harbour Bridge ♥ life cannot be anymore bliss 

Peter Doyle @ the Quay - http://www.peterdoyleatthequay.com.au/
Overseas Passenger Terminal
Circular Quay West,
NSW, Australia, 2000 

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Sugar Hit - Old Sydney Holiday Inn, The Rocks

Arrive at The Westin Bar & Lounge - 10:15pm, drizzle

..the dark chocolate Tanzanie cream w/ honey macadamias, espresso biscuit, pineapple & mango bavarois have all been sold out! :O bumped into a friend with a large group who informed us that they had taken the last dessert *cringe*
                              despicable me - annoying sound 

Arrive at The Lobby Lounge of Shangri-La Hotel - 10:50pm, pouring rain

..quite disappointed at this stage but the thought of relaxing in The Lobby Lounge with my Black Forest Cocktail (vanilla panacotta, cherries in kirsch, chocolate bonbon, cocoa sponge & chocolate cream) & soft jazz to drown away the pitter-pattering of the rain calmed me down

"Sorry The Lobby Lounge closes at 11pm tonight." *cries*

      monsters inc - boo

Arrive at Old Sydney Holiday Inn - 11:05pm, rain has stopped :)

In a mad race against time from The Westin to Shangri-La Hotel; the boy & I were finally at the Old Sydney Holiday Inn. By this stage I was feeling quite twitchy and ravenous for a sugar fix, this was the absolute last stop we were going to make before calling it quits!

But we were 5 minutes too late..
                                                                                                              The Chef had left.

Thankfully the waiter graciously offered to track down the chef as I’m sure he could have sensed my frustration behind my angelic smile. So there we were, sitting and waiting being engrossed by the nostalgia of the surroundings. The hotel itself is designed in a very unique way; the spiral staircase, open balconies.. it reminded me of the units/apartments in Italy (similar to the set-up of the Italian Forum, Leichardt). Happy Days ~ Our waiter waltzed over with a beaming smile and two glasses of Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora informing us that we will be getting our Sugar Hit this evening!

Mood transition:
        domokun angry to happy

Sugar Hit of the night($20)
orange on the rocks  orange on the rocks1 
Orange on The Rocks
- white & dark chocolate mousse w/ honeycomb pieces, chocolate ganache, orange segments highlighted with Cointreau & a woven caramel nest

Though I did mention before that I’m not an avid fan of chocolate, I do like to indulge in a Crunchie bar every now and then. Honeycomb and oranges are my favourite accompaniment with chocolate :) The tuile was piped perfectly to the middle with white chocolate mousse on one end and dark chocolate on the other! My tuile wasn’t as crisp/dry as I would have preferred but I couldn’t complain since the chef did come back on our behalf.
        orange segments 
The nicely clean-cut orange segments topped with the caramel woven nest. It looked so magical and delicate until I gobbled it all up! :) 

Cheers! xx

                                   brown brothers orange muscat and flora   

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Guylian Chocolate Cafe, The Rocks

                      Chocolate is undoubtedly the universal language of love.

Take a step back in history to 1960 where the lovers, Guy Foubert and Liliane, got married. It wasn’t long until the birth of the famed Belgian Chocolaterie - Guylian (pronounced Gee·Lee·An; ‘Gee’ rhymes with ‘sea’).

Late last night out of spontaneity, it was decided that the boy & I would paint the town & get ourselves a Sugar Hit to kick-off the first night of the Sydney International Food Festival, SIFF.  Since it was already 10:15pm, I figured the smart idea would be to call and see when the last dessert orders were being taken - didn’t want to be disappointed :) Most places take their last order around 10:30pm so be sure to call ahead! Luckily for us, Guylian was staying open until midnight and last orders were taken at 11:45pm.

After rushing to get dressed and finding parking nearby we were finally seated by 11:30pm. Without wasting anymore time, we ordered one Sugar Hit ($20) special, sat back and relaxed. While we were waiting, I rummaged through my bag to take my camera out so I would be ready take photos .. *jaw drops* oh no! *whimper* .. low batteries :O nooooo! I must have jinxed myself since I was muttering about the boy not bringing his camera as back-up in any case my camera would be out of battery -.- so please excuse the photo quality as I resorted to using his iphone.

                                  brown brothers cienna
Brown Brothers - Cienna & Cabernet (Cienna & Cabernet grapes grown in Victoria, Australia) *love love love*
Tastes similar: Korean Black Raspberry Wine - Bohae Bokbunjajoo (non-sparkling)

Our waitress describes it as "Sweet, sparkling wine with raspberries" mm..I’m sold already! The first sip brings me weak to my knees ♥ Cienna is my kind of summer love! It’s a light sparkling ruby red wine with the aromas of fresh raspberries and red currants. Although it is quite sweet, it is balanced by the acidity from the fruit leaving a refreshing sensation. All for me since the boy was driving! Best served chilled by the poolside :D
                                  Grand Forest
Guylian’s Grand Forest - baked chocolate cake layered with Grand Marnier strawberry, Kirsch dark cherries & raspberry crème patisserie + strawberry popping chocolate

Normally I’m not a chocolate kind of girl but the boy is a slave to chocolate! I loved the combination of the Grand Marnier soaked strawberry & chocolate layered cake with the crispy hazelnut crêpe (the mini chocolate weetbix-looking bits). Moist, not too sweet with a bit of crunch. On the chocolate stick there was a small amount of sea salt - just enough to soften the chocolate’s bitterness. The strawberry popping chocolate reminds me of Framboise Kit Kat with popping candy, tasty! Half-way through the Grand Forest, I decide to get another dessert.. one can never have enough :)
                                   Golden Treasure
Golden Treasure - Saffron honey mousse & ginseng bavarois w/ layers of crispy hazelnut crêpe & olive oil sponge

If you’re not an avid chocolate fan like me, Golden Treasure ($14.50) might be your cup of tea. The saffron is a lovely infusion as it enhances the sweetness of the honey smoothing the after-taste of ginseng. One thing I haven’t mentioned is the raspberry coulis - absolute to die for!

As I savour the last few bites, I look across and I am immersed in my own world reading about the history of Guylian. It’s midnight and all the other customers have long gone but our waitress kindly advises us to take our time. All the waitresses are very friendly, attentative & knowledgeable (asked so many questions & chit-chatted a bit) and has definitely made my night wonderful!

Love is the sweetest dessert anyone can order!
                                                                       Guylian is their love story for us to enjoy ♥

Guylian Cafe - http://www.guyliancafe.com.au/
91 George St
The Rocks

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