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Pier, Rosebay

For the love of ..seafood at Pier!
It’s been a while since I’ve written up a date night post.. I must admit that I have expensive taste and a knack for fine dining ^^” but every now and then I also get the pang for a cheap fast food meal! This evening I was hankering for a good dose of fancy seafood loving which meant dinner at Pier - Rosebay; sadly fish aren’t friends, they’re food :P #sorrynemo
bubbly water
I love the air bubbles formed in the glasses from the sparkling water (didn’t take a pic but they serve S.Pellegrino)! Isn’t it just so tranquil and relaxing to stare at :)
Even the knives look fancy! No need for serrated knives because it’s all seafood at Pier :D
Entree: Yellow fin tuna tartare capers mustard cress and eschallots $24 ♥♥
Simple and elegant. Just the way I like it. The tuna was extremely fresh and were like little fat pillows on my tongue :) This dish was so good that it would make it onto my list of things to eat as my final meal!
crisp bread
Crispy thin bread to accompany the tartare, though I would’ve been completely happy just eating the tartare by itself. It was a little tricky eating this since it crumbled onto the plate :( making it extremely difficult to scoop the little globules of tuna.

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Est - Merivale, Sydney CBD

Celebrating at Est. - Merivale 
So this post was meant to be up many months ago since I turned 21 *clap* earlier this year in January! But because of uni, work and what not I’ve neglected this post because it’s super picture heavy as everyone in the family had a different dish.. and we literally had everything on the menu at Est. - Merivale except for like one or two dishes! I do want to apologise since I didn’t take a photo of the menu as it was online but I forgot to save the pdf hence some dishes are missing names :( also this was the very first time I played with my DSLR Canon D550 (KissX4) which was a gift from my parents & my brother who chipped in a bit :D The photos start to become slightly blurry towards the end of the dinner after many glasses of Rosé ^^”

All in all, Head Chef Peter Doyle’s Est. was the best ever meal which everyone in the family enjoyed! Usually my sister is quite picky with the food she eats and turns her nose up even at restaurants like Quay (will be doing the post on this in two weeks time, be patient!), found no fault in the dishes served at Est. to which we have all deemed it as our favourite restaurant! The waitstaff service was spectacular and they really do deserve Three Hats! This was the perfect 21st birthday dinner ♥ We opted for the five course chefs menu for $150pp and including drinks spent just over $900 for five people (one being a child under 16). It was an extravagant way to spend my 21st Birthday and we toasted with Dom Pérignon to welcome me into adulthood :D

I won’t bore you with any more writing and allow the pictures to exuberate pools of saliva :) 
            drinks bread
Cranberry Juice $8, Dom Pérignon $50 per glass, Rosé $12 per glass
1st Course: Sashimi of Ocean trout and Queensland scallops, lime, dashi, hazelnut, radish, white sesame oil

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Fashion Palette and Peter Doyle @ the Quay, Circular Quay

Whenever there is a fashion-filled girly event going on, I can always count on my darling girlfriend, Jessie to accompany me :) xx My spa buddy, gossip queen & indulgent eating partner ^^

We started off with an early morning rushing around doing our make-up, hair, last-minute changes on our outfits ..leaving no time to do our nails - ah well; we were on our way to attend Fashion Palette 2010! Since we decided to drive (we had a long day ahead of us: starting with Fashion Palette, Dinner at Sepia, and Sophie’s 21st), cheap-ish parking was absolutely near impossible to find near the Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks; we ended up parking outside of Shangri-la Hotel, later moving it to Hickson Rd. 

By the time we parked and trekked it down the road in heels *not a smart move, it was just about time for the scheduled start after collecting our goodies bag. There was an array of girls in fabulous outfits, even the guys were looking quite dashing, all lined up waiting to go into the show. Due to the suppliers missing a safety procedure, the show was delayed. Everyone waited nearly 2 hours! How ridiculous D: Whilst we were waiting, a Dilmah representative handed out sparkling Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea w/ a sprig of mint - just what was needed to calm the nerves.

Now for some eye-candy 

fashion palette

Most designers focussed on bold prints, block colours, emphasis of shoulders, and mixed with a sense of femininity (fur, chiffons, satins etc) in contrast. Favourite designers of the day: Wayne Cooper, The Dazed Elite, and Anaessia 

At the half-time lunch break, we were given 30 minutes to eat.. since there wasn’t enough time to sit-down and order a meal at Peter Doyle @ the Quay; the restaurant hostess was kind enough to organise a fish & chips take-away ($17), which they don’t normally offer!

                          Peter Doyle @ the Quay
Famous Fish & Chips: Flathead Fillets - golden fried in beer batter w/ potato chips, tomato sauce & own-made tartare sauce

hehe.. gobbled it all up in 15 minutes with a million-dollar view of the Opera House & the Harbour Bridge ♥ life cannot be anymore bliss 

Peter Doyle @ the Quay - http://www.peterdoyleatthequay.com.au/
Overseas Passenger Terminal
Circular Quay West,
NSW, Australia, 2000 

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