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Chilli Crab - Sydney Seafood School, Pyrmont

*This class was specifically to be filmed for Sydney Weekender, so don’t worry, classes won’t normally have TV film crews buzzing around :P
sydney seafood school
The concept and philosophy at the Sydney Seafood School creates the best learning environment for home-cooks. Before participating in the hands-on cooking, everyone is gathered in the auditorium to watch how the dish is prepped and cooked. The steps are clear and the more questions asked the better. Very beneficial to attend the class especially if you’ve never sectioned a crab and torn the shell off before! - I’m definitely going to be coming back for another class! Would be great as a gift too :) I know Mr Barclay enjoyed the class as much as I did. *Mothers Day is coming up! ^^
sydney seafood school wall1
Seafood tips and wonderfully drawn/painted images all over the walls inside the Sydney Seafood School kitchen. Makes me want to paint my walls black so I can use it as a chalk board.. Tammi being all crafty tells me there’s special chalk board paint I can buy. Anyway, these are very useful tips and remember if you want to enlarge the images, right click with your mouse and select ‘view image’. 

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The Bridge Room, Sydney

the bridge room
It’s a chic new breed of corporate fine dining where you’re bound to rub shoulders with CEOs (won’t mention who personally recommended this place to me but he has a big name in the advertising industry!), the rich & famous, and a great place to take a client. The Scandinavian interior decor evokes a comforting simplicity and all I can say is that The Bridge Room, Sydney is downright elegant with zen-like success written all over it.
himalayan pink salt
Murray River pink flake salt
The Bridge Room is a joint venture with the Fink Group and they seem to have an exceptional eye in spotting talent having worked and partnered with some familiar names: Peter Gilmore, Tony Bilson, Peter Kuruvita, Guillaume Brahimi, Mark Best and James Kidman. Though it may be on the pricier end of dining, it is justifiable by the talent in the kitchen and floor staff. Chef and co-owner Ross Lusted has had an extensive career as the former executive chef at Rockpool, Park Hyatt’s Harbour Kitchen & Bar, Singapore’s Mezza9, and as the head of Food & Beverage concepts and development at a luxury hotel group, Amanresorts.
queensland tiger prawns
Split Queensland tiger prawns grilled over charcoal w/ mandarin peel butter, soft green herbs 30
Simply enjoyable. The tiger prawns were cooked perfectly with slight charring around the edges of the shell giving that lovely smokey flavour from being on the robata grill. The real highlight of this dish was the accompaniment of the mandarin peel butter brushed over the prawn flesh.
spanner crab
Spanner crab, picked & shelled farm leaves, verjuice jelly, and dressed kohlrabi 28
This extravagant salad would go hand-in-hand with Summer (if only the weather complied and it actually felt like Summer :/). The sweet sea spray from the ocean with every bite of the spanner crab, creamy avocado, crunch of the kohlrabi, and a tangy zing of the jelly. 

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