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The Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

The Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills
Situated in the heritage-listed Paramount Pictures Building in Surry Hills, the newly renovated space has been taken over by the PCP team, The Paramount Coffee Project :) Lots natural lighting streaming through the large glass windows, the intoxicating smell of coffee, and the sweet sweet tunes of Frank Ocean. 
PB & J milkshake $8
Served in a vintage kitschy 7 eleven cup, the Reeses peanut butter and jam milkshake was frothy, malty and peanutty. Wish there was a bit more jam.. was really hoping it would taste like the pb&j toast I make for breakfast ^^” still a good milkshake though!

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Mexico - Food and Liquor, Surry Hills

    image    image    imageTostiditas of crab, almond & green onion mojo, cucumber, lime, grape $8 
With the transformation of what used to be District Dining, is the birth of a new Tex-Mex eatery, Mexico Food and Liquor - Surry Hills. The exuberance of the space is almost like a shrine to Mexican art culture celebrated by the bright and colourful portraits of Frida Kahlo donned on the walls. The outdoor seating bar area is sure to be a favourite and they even have bag hooks under the tables :). Start with a nibble on their crisp tostiditas which is easily demolished in a bite or two. It’s light in flavour and a refreshing way to start the meal, nice clean flavours.  
Prawn, smoked paprika quesadilla, chilli & orange w/ corn salsa $10
Roast eggplant, green onion & walnut quesadilla with black cumin sour cream $12
Who doesn’t love quesadillas?! :D Crisp, toasted tortillas sandwiching scrumptious fillings of prawns, and the vegetarian option of roasted eggplant with crushed walnuts. The prawn was a clear favourite of the two only because of the corn salsa! Best corn salsa I have ever had, I could totally eat a whole bowl of it haha.. I did eat most of it actually ^^”   imageBeetroot, blood orange, chilli peanut salad w/ queso fresco, tostada
Crispy potatoes tossed in celery lime salt w/ spicy tomatillo dressing
Mexico’s fried chicken $14
A delicious salad of quartered wedges of roasted beetroot (I love beetroot!), segments of juicy sweet blood orange, and roasted chilli peanuts. Whilst the succulent fried chicken was less spiced than expected, the tomatillo dressing for the crispy potatoes were bursting in spice, bit too chilli for my tolerance :( 

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Single Origin Roasters, Surry Hills

single origins crave sydneysingle origins coffee
Coffee, doughnuts and a cigarette $10
Tunes from the 1940s playing from an old ‘radio’ (ipod attached to the back of the frame) sets the scene for the Crave Sydney mid-week special during October. Drawing inspiration from Edward Hopper’s Night Hawks, Single Origin Roasters - Surry Hills has re-created the classic American Noir setting with a cup of Joe, doughnuts and a guilt-free cigarette.      
single origins donuts
House-made doughnuts - cinnamon and paprika
Pour-over of Cafe Noir - custom blend
Boon chocolate cigarette 

For ten dollars this is quite a steal! Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of doughnuts but these were honestly the best I have ever had! Served piping hot, these golf-ball sized doughnuts had a liberal coating of sugar around the crisp surface of the moist and plush dough. I just loved how it was a light pastry and even though it was deep-fried, it didn’t leave an oily after-taste. Whilst I wasn’t loving the paprika doughnut as much as the classic cinnamon, the slight savoury taste was a better pairing with the coffee. Did you know that doughnuts were tossed out of ‘doughnut food trucks’ during WWI and WWII to American troops. Oh man I really hope they put the doughnuts on their cafe menu! Though my favourite part was the guilt-free cigarette which came out with these smoked wood-chips that smelt like tobacco! Such a novelty but it really helped set the scene :) plus I instantly felt quite hipster hehe.  
single origins surry hills

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Hana Hana, Chinatown

hana hanaHana Hana, Chinatown
Recently opened on Thomas Street in Sydney Chinatown is this hidden underrated gem - Hana Hana - 5/209 Thomas Street, near Market City (thanks for recommending Mel). This new Sydney cheap eats is very similar to the popular Menya Mappen & Oiden where you select a main dish and add side dishes DIY style. Since it’s new and not many people know about it, there are no lines! Pricing is comparable to Mappen and there are a lot more choices but based on taste alone I prefer Mappen but that’s not to say the food here isn’t tasty! :)  
mentai ontama
Mentai ontama udon $5.90
Gooey egg yolk, slippery udon, tempura flakes, and my favourite mentaiko (Alaskan pollock roe) in a light broth. Just like the ‘fast food’ eateries in Japan, you order your dish from the touch-screen monitor and a ticket comes out of the machine. You then proceed to towards the ‘buffet/DIY train’ where you pile side dishes onto your tray. The bowls of noodles in my opinion are quite filling so keep in mind you can always go back to get more side dishes later! 
hana hana food

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