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Becasse - Westfield, Sydney

Imagine being greeted with a smile and led through a secret door covered with lush greenery to be met with an enchanting waltz through this corridor before reaching Justin North’s restaurant, Becasse. Walking through the corridor struck a nostalgic chord as it reminded me of a scene in my all-time favourite movie - "My Neighbour Totoro", where Mei discovers a secret passage-way in her garden leading her to Totoro. This is definitely my new favourite restaurant in Sydney ♥ Can you believe this magical oasis is situated inside Westfield, Sydney (food court level) surrounded by a concrete jungle?!
becasse dining
Impeccable service. The decor is elegant and it’s like being bathed in luxury from the leather tables to the delicate crystal leaves hanging from the chandeliers. Prior to the relocation of Becasse to Westfield when the boy and I visited, it used to be on Clarence St (where Arras now is) and it was a different dining scene. White linen tablecloths, 2-3 levels (can’t quite remember) to accommodate many tables, whereas now there are only 6 tables max? Intimate dining where you won’t hear the conversation from the table next to you, which was perfect for gossiping and celebrating the lovely Jessie’s birthday ^^ ♥
*April - Degustation 7 courses $170pp, Sparkling water $10pp
(mainly going to be a photo-post! sorry I know the pics aren’t great cause of lack of lighting..)
la ligiene
2008 Domaine la Ligiere Vacqueyras (France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Vacqueyras) $90 ♥♥

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Chilli Crab - Sydney Seafood School, Pyrmont

*This class was specifically to be filmed for Sydney Weekender, so don’t worry, classes won’t normally have TV film crews buzzing around :P
sydney seafood school
The concept and philosophy at the Sydney Seafood School creates the best learning environment for home-cooks. Before participating in the hands-on cooking, everyone is gathered in the auditorium to watch how the dish is prepped and cooked. The steps are clear and the more questions asked the better. Very beneficial to attend the class especially if you’ve never sectioned a crab and torn the shell off before! - I’m definitely going to be coming back for another class! Would be great as a gift too :) I know Mr Barclay enjoyed the class as much as I did. *Mothers Day is coming up! ^^
sydney seafood school wall1
Seafood tips and wonderfully drawn/painted images all over the walls inside the Sydney Seafood School kitchen. Makes me want to paint my walls black so I can use it as a chalk board.. Tammi being all crafty tells me there’s special chalk board paint I can buy. Anyway, these are very useful tips and remember if you want to enlarge the images, right click with your mouse and select ‘view image’. 

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THE BLOCKS - Penfolds Wine and Studio Toogood, Walsh Bay

the blocks
Lets engage our senses and live through Penfolds wines. Dark, cool and austere with warmth in the center. Mr Barclay and I gravitate towards the warmth to find ourselves in The Oaks surrounded by five strikingly conspicuous wooden totems looming over us. Smell it. We do as the Nose tells us. Number 1 is subtle but somewhat metallic. Number 2 is sweet and cool which pleasantly lingers. Number 3 is raw like meat and sweat. Number 4 is dark and sweet with a bit of spice to it. Number 5 is like ripe strawberries and the sweetness can’t help but ooze out. Suffice to say, our favourites were 2, 5 and maybe 4.
*Funny incident which I forgot add when posting: A friend of Mr Barclay attended the opening night and supposedly someone fell into the large rectangular pool of water dyed red to look like wine! It is quite dark in there so watch your steps people ;)
    penfolds chardonnay
Wine Bracket 2 - Chardonnay Tasting $35 (4x75ml glass)
2010 Penfolds Thomas Hyland Chardonnay ♥♥
2011 Penfolds Bin 311 Henty Chardonnay ♥
2010 Penfolds Cellar Reserve Chardonnay
2007 Penfolds Reserve Bin 07A Chardonnay ♥♥♥
Funnily enough, had we of chosen the wines from the beginning, based on the descriptions we would have chosen Number 4 but we went with our noses and 2 was a good choice.
1: Aromatic Whites - Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Traminer Tasting $35 (4x75ml glass)
2: Chardonnay Tasting $35 (4x75ml glass)
3: Varietal Blends - Shiraz Cabernet, Shiraz Mourvedre, Cabernet Shiraz Tasting $35 (4x75ml glass)
4: Regional - Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Sangiovese, Shiraz Mourvedre Tasting $35 (4x75ml glass)
5: Shiraz Tasting $35 (4x75ml glass)
Penfolds Flagship Wines (only realised there was this option when I got home and had a more thorough read of the booklet :( damn.): Tasting $169 (4x75ml glass, excluding Fortified & Grange)
    the blocks food
Mini degustation food spread - Magill Estate, South Australia
We were quite fortunate that there weren’t too many people early in the afternoon as we had a table of 8 all to ourselves underneath the bulbous grape-like lights. There was noticeably more people later in the afternoon around 5pm. Between the two of us we ordered two selections (except for 4, we ordered all three and only one from 5) from each of the five wine bracket food accompaniments.
                      native pepper crab
Wine Bracket 1 - Aromatic Whites: Native pepper crab $12
Tasted like just Singapore chilli crab! Just a few weeks back Mr Barclay and I attended a class courtesy of Sydney Seafood School to make chilli crab and this was just as delicious :) Will blog the recipe soon!

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Cafe Ish Sugar Hit

Let’s paint the town at Cafe Ish!
L-R: Akishika Shuzo ‘Pressed Moto’ 2010 & Kizan Sake
Eating is my new best friend which makes October my absolute favourite month #cravesydney (other than December & January ^^). To kick off this wonderful month of feasting, Sugarpuffi and I made dinner & Sugar Hit reservations at Cafe Ish - Surry Hills. Last year I ended my October with brunch at Cafe Ish which is also running again this year!

It always seems to be raining in Sydney these days.. does not feel anything at all like Spring! After a long day at work, I made my way through the rain and took refuge in the cosy Japanese influence surroundings where Sugarpuffi was patiently waiting my arrival. The owner, Josh pops out for a quick chat and generously lets us taste his prized Akishika Shuzo ‘Pressed Moto’ 2010 sake. It’s sweet and refreshing to savour with slight acidity and aromatic hints of pear, vanilla and rice bran. Though it may be quite expensive ($33/$42), it’s quite rare as there are only 40 bottles available in Sydney (I think Aria and Bentley also stock it), it is worth every cent and very easy to drink! 

choice of sake
We were there for the Sake Dinner which is also part of the Crave Sydney offerings which consists of a Japanese platter of nibbles and a choice of 90ml sake for $38 (3-10pm Thursday-Saturday). Our choice was the Kizan which had an apple-like aroma which wasn’t overpoweringly sweet, it’s a good choice for someone who is trying sake for the first time. 
dinner platter
Sake Dinner platter 
Josh advised us to share a platter and order other dishes off the menu as they were only nibbles, sort of a Japanese style tapas. 
sushi tofu
California roll of crumbed crocodile, avocado, lemon myrtle mayonnaise w/ pickled Rosella flower
Chilled organic tofu w/ riberries and soy
Warrigal greens w/ sesame dressing ♥♥ I could eat this all day!
mochi pickles
Potato mochi w/ organic fetta
Japanese pickles ♥ paired very well with the sake!
Japanese potato salad scented w/ native mint
Kangaroo, prawn, ginger gyoza w/ black vinegar & white soy
crocodile karage
Crocodile leg karaage w/ shichimi mayo $12
This was the extra dish we ordered and it was quite an experience. I felt like an animal gnawing at the karaage leg ^^ the schichimi mayo is a tad spicy so don’t make the mistake like me by scooping out a whole dollop :)
sugar hit - cafe ish
Sugar Hit - Cafe Ish $20 ; Take a picture of your creation & post it on twitter @cafeish :) The Creamy Middles & Missklicious joined us for the Sugar Hit (8-10 Thursday-Saturday) and boy were we excited about making a beautiful mess!

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