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Jazz City Milk Bar, Darlinghurst

Milk Bar burger date for Valentine’s Day :) we opted to sit at the bar even though a table was set out for us ^^”

Burgers, oh glorious burgers make me so happy. The boy and I never make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day since our anniversary is two days later (16th Feb) so we don’t exchange gifts/flowers (unless we spontaneously decide to make something, I like sentimental gifts but this year I asked for Twix ^^) but we’ll still go out for a yummy meal. Last year we ate pork buns at Momofuku Seiobo bar and this year we went on a burger date at Chef Dan McGuirt’s newest establishment - Jazz City Milk Bar, Darlinghurst. I’m not a fan of set menus for Valentine’s Day but still like to have something a bit special so the boy pre-ordered the luxurious Ultimate Benjamin Franklin Hamburger Meal for me (I shared though!) :)

Southern Fried Chicken Burger - Chicken breast fried country style, Tabasco, American cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and Ranch dressing $15
*All hot dogs and burgers come with French fries with a choice of seasoning including Southwest, Creole and Jamaican jerk

Succulent Southern crispy chicken breast fillets tossed in Tabasco seasoning with my favourite melty American cheddar cheese :D And nothing goes better with fried chicken than ranch dressing (really, ranch goes superbly with everything!)

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Jazz City Diner, Darlinghurst

jazz city diner
The roaring 1920’s, I can only imagine it must have been such an exciting period with the rise of jazz. When I took dance as an elective subject in high school, one of my favourite styles of dance was swing which came about all thanks to jazz :) I get excited when I go to ‘themed’ restaurants and Chef Dan McGuirt’s Jazz City Diner - Darlinghurst, definitely gave me that buzz of excitement especially since the waitresses had these cute American diner outfits on, just like the movies! The 24-seat diner isn’t terribly big but it was cosy enough to fit us hungry food bloggers (thanks for organising Jeroxie!) after re-arranging  some of the tables ^^”   
Southern fried chicken burger & onion rings - Tabasco mayo, corn salsa, lettuce and tomatoes $16 & $3 onion rings
Pork belly burger & sweet potato fries - Grilled sliced pork belly w/ Boston baked beans, pickled cucumber, tomato caramelised onions and lettuce $18
All burgers come with sweet potato fries. I didn’t try the burgers but they did look mighty good! 

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The Owl House - Darlinghurst

the owl house
When I used to work in Darlinghurst, during my lunch break I would wander the streets and one day I happened to come across The Owl House - Darlinghurst. I can’t remember for sure what it was that made me stop since it’s quite a small area and unassuming in the daytime. There was a menu posted up on the wall encased behind a sheet of perspex/glass (forget which it was but you get the gist) and I stood there studying the menu which made me salivate even though I had just eaten! The next thing you know, I gathered a group of friends to check it out for dinner because Fridays means finding a good drinking hole is a top priority and SMH 2012 Best Bar with Food definitely hits the sweet spot ;)  
Cocktails - Classic Hour 5PM-7PM Everyday $10  
The Mary Pickford - Rum, Maraschino liquor, pineapple & house-made Grenache
Sea Breeze - Vodka, cranberry & grapefruit
Champagne cocktail - Orange bitters soaked sugar cube topped with bubbles
Tom Collins - Gin, lemon juice, soda
croquetteBar snacks - Smoked bone marrow & ox tail croquette $5ea  
Small dishes - Warm asparagus salad, poached quail egg, shaved parmigiano, Jamon serano & balsamic glaze $14 ♥♥
Oxtail is a tricky cut, full of connective tissue and fat, but when it is cooked in the right way, it produces far more flavour and rich sauce than steak.” - Heston Blumenthal. Golden crumbed golf-balls of smokiness with each bite devoured. It was everything you would expect and hope it to be; from the gelatinous bone marrow to the flavoursome meaty-taste of the ox tail. The asparagus salad is something I would be happy to eat everyday! Even though no one else was keen on getting the salad, everyone was pleased I had persuaded them into it because it was amazing :D  duck and quail terrineSmall dishes - Duck & quail terrine with pistachio, confit orange, pear & citrus chutney and a cointreau veloute $20   
Most the guys thought this terrine was gastronomic which says a lot! I was a tad skeptical at first because a terrine is quite a task to master but once again I was wowed by the quality of food being brought to our table. Whilst it came with bread, I would have preferred something crisp but then again I would have been happy to eat the terrine on it’s own haha. Lovely balance of sweet, savoury, and slight bitterness of the veloute which held the flavours together. 

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Universal, Darlinghurst

                     bread olive oil
Bread & olive oil - Not sure what olive oil they use but it had a lovely fruity note to it!
Three months ago, our group of eight gathered at Christine Manfield’s two hatted Universal Restaurant - Darlinghurst for Karen’s birthday. I was quite excited as it had been on my list of places to go for a while :) Since there were quite a few dishes ordered, this is mainly going to be a photo post! There’s a contemporary and chic vibe to the restaurant which is like sipping a fun cocktail and boy did we have many of those - the names are hilarious! The concept of the menu is a cosmopolitan of 'build your own degustation' of savoury and sweet dishes with flavours inspired from her travels around the world. Chris, our charming waiter, suggested we order 3-4 savoury dishes per person but since I had a friend who dined there not long ago, she suggested 2-3 would be sufficient. We decided to order two dishes each and order more for later if needed but we felt it was a good amount so it depends how hungry you are! Flavours here are sensational and with the ever-changing menu, I will definitely be back for more :) ♥
Dirty Blonde - Larios gin, elderflower, ginger liqueur, Sencha tea and lemon $18
"Dirty because it’s better that way! Bold and brave."
Geisha Girl - Sake, plum wine, Square One organic cucumber vodka, elderflower & lemon $18
"Feels gentle, but watch out! This girl packs a punch."
Bitch Slap - Flor de Cana 4yr rum, Havana Club blanco rum, vanilla bean, lime, peach, ginger beer $20
"As naughty and nice as it sounds."
Get In Cyder - Small acres pink cider, fresh lemon and botanical Square One organic vodka $17
"Satisfaction to the core."
Kizan Sake $23
carrot ravioli
Steamed heirloom carrot and kohlrabi ravioli, spinach and spiced carrot $26 (v) (gf)

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