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Bleu Blanc Rouge French Festival - Customs House

Happy Bastille Day! - Bleu Blanc Rouge Festival Sunday 14th July 10am-5pm
The BBR Festival will be open from 10am-5pm today at Customs House! Make sure you check it out for lots of fun and festivities for all ages with a live DJ, French cooking class, and of course French food & wine! Vive la France! Bastille Day, the French National holiday a commemoration of the beginning of the French revolution which took place on the 14th July 1979. Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited to attend an intimate French cooking class at the Bleu Blanc Rouge Festival taught by the everso charming Executive Chef of Slide Caberet, Lounge & Bar - Darlinghurst, Chef Aymeric Saint Lannes. We made a delicious and rich NSW grass fed veal marengo ragout in a rustic sourdough bread bowl, and a heavenly dessert tribute to The Dome of St Basil’s aka Charlotte. Making lemon curd from scratch sure is hard work but a great workout for 'tuckshop lady arms/batwings' haha! The Dome of St Basil’s consisted of lemon curd, white chocolate mousse, surrounded by sugar syrup soaked lady fingers, topped with french meringue, served with vanilla bourbon creme anglaise and rhubarb coulis! So divine :D 


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Shiki Japanese Restaurant, The Rocks

Looking back at my photos of yet-to-be-posted blogs, I eat my fair share of Japanese food.. if only this was somehow supporting those in Japan right now :(

Anyway, on this very special occasion I chose to dine at Shiki Japanese Restaurant - The Rocks, with the boy for his 21st birthday (25th February! .. yes, I am aware that was like a month ago :P). Well actually, mum told me about this restaurant and suggested I bring the boy there since his favourite cuisine is Japanese - yes, it was shameful for me to take credit for it lol.

*If you finish your meal before 8pm, you pay $65 instead of $80 for the degustation! So if you’re on a limited budget but still want to enjoy good food, I would definitely recommend Shiki! The degustation menu changes monthly so you can keep going and going and going… and not get bored! The service is superb as well which I’ll talk about later on :) http://www.shiki.com.au/page/free_coupons__vouchers.html    
The restaurant is quite spacious and has a lovely overlooking view of The Rocks markets! I love the surrounding decor and the soft jazz in the background. Look! Pebbles along the outskirts of the restaurant :D very zen-like!
     baby abalone
Baby abalone steamed with sake, chilled to serve
Very refreshing and the sake wasn’t overpowering at all, it tasted of chicken stock with ginger. mm.. baby abalone cooked perfectly, wasn’t chewy at all ♥ I really liked the crisp daikon slices :)
Sashimi with soy & chive sauce
Salmon & tuna sashimi! Woohoo fatty omega 3, good for your health & skin!

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Cruise Restaurant & Bar, Circular Quay

Will make this a super quick post before I head off to bed~ Last night, the boy & I dined at Cruise Restaurant & Bar located at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. Luckily for us, we scored free parking on Harrington St corner of Argyle St - it was so windy yesterday! My dress kept flying up, oh my :O at least we only needed to walk 2 minutes away!


I was so glad the sun was still up :) The interior is quite stylish and modern with a lovely atmosphere for a date.
While I’m sitting on the plush leather seating admiring the amazing view & sipping on my champagne, I noticed the boy was staring as well .. though not at me! But at the long-run mirror behind me reflecting the cones of the Sydney Opera House and the constant ripples of the waves being rocked back and forth by the passing ferries. Almost like a panoramic view!
   amouse bouche
Amuse Bouche - mushroom & shiso soup
Wonderfully delicate clear broth packed full of robust flavours!
buffalo mozzarella
Entree - Buffalo mozzarella wrapped in jamon with crisp finger fennel dressed with a balsamic reduction, red pepper & basil oil
I love when Chef’s take pride in their presentation, look at all the bright colours; Definite winner of a dish ♥ I would come back just for this! Though I would have preferred a bit more of the balsamic reduction for an extra tang :)
Main -
Pan roasted fillet of wild river Barramundi with cherry tomatoes, pencil leeks, fennel, basil & grilled lime
I expected this dish to be in a creamy sauce or a heavy tomato-based sauce, but I more than welcomed this! Oh what seemingly appears to be Asian greens are in fact pencil leeks ^^” divine complement with the Barramundi. Bravo Jason Lucas~

Head Chef Jason Lucas focuses on his specialty as he presents a beautiful modern interpretation of Italian cuisine. His style captures the robust flavours of the season’s finest produce and bends the rules of tradition with artistic flair. - could not have said it better myself

chat potatoes
Side - Truffle scented chat potatoes with fresh herbs

Pre-dessert - pineapple sorbet, pineapple pieces, cinnamon crumble, mint & cinnamon whip with coriander garnishing
   chocolate marquise
Dessert - Chocolaté marquise with a raspberry sorbet, hazel nut tuille biscuit & native voila

          the boy
                                                                                                                     xx until next time.

Cruise Restaurant & Bar - http://cruisebar.com.au/restaurant/
Level 1-3 Overseas Passenger Terminal
Circular Quay West
The Rocks, Sydney NSW 2000

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Fashion Palette and Peter Doyle @ the Quay, Circular Quay

Whenever there is a fashion-filled girly event going on, I can always count on my darling girlfriend, Jessie to accompany me :) xx My spa buddy, gossip queen & indulgent eating partner ^^

We started off with an early morning rushing around doing our make-up, hair, last-minute changes on our outfits ..leaving no time to do our nails - ah well; we were on our way to attend Fashion Palette 2010! Since we decided to drive (we had a long day ahead of us: starting with Fashion Palette, Dinner at Sepia, and Sophie’s 21st), cheap-ish parking was absolutely near impossible to find near the Overseas Passenger Terminal, The Rocks; we ended up parking outside of Shangri-la Hotel, later moving it to Hickson Rd. 

By the time we parked and trekked it down the road in heels *not a smart move, it was just about time for the scheduled start after collecting our goodies bag. There was an array of girls in fabulous outfits, even the guys were looking quite dashing, all lined up waiting to go into the show. Due to the suppliers missing a safety procedure, the show was delayed. Everyone waited nearly 2 hours! How ridiculous D: Whilst we were waiting, a Dilmah representative handed out sparkling Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea w/ a sprig of mint - just what was needed to calm the nerves.

Now for some eye-candy 

fashion palette

Most designers focussed on bold prints, block colours, emphasis of shoulders, and mixed with a sense of femininity (fur, chiffons, satins etc) in contrast. Favourite designers of the day: Wayne Cooper, The Dazed Elite, and Anaessia 

At the half-time lunch break, we were given 30 minutes to eat.. since there wasn’t enough time to sit-down and order a meal at Peter Doyle @ the Quay; the restaurant hostess was kind enough to organise a fish & chips take-away ($17), which they don’t normally offer!

                          Peter Doyle @ the Quay
Famous Fish & Chips: Flathead Fillets - golden fried in beer batter w/ potato chips, tomato sauce & own-made tartare sauce

hehe.. gobbled it all up in 15 minutes with a million-dollar view of the Opera House & the Harbour Bridge ♥ life cannot be anymore bliss 

Peter Doyle @ the Quay - http://www.peterdoyleatthequay.com.au/
Overseas Passenger Terminal
Circular Quay West,
NSW, Australia, 2000 

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