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Ippudo, Sydney

ippudo sydney
ippudo westfield sydney
Ippudo at Sydney Westfield 
Another Sydney ramen favourite that everyone is raving about. It’s ramen as you know it but a little bit fancy :) Expect long lines of up to 40 minutes wait for Ippudo, Sydney Westfield, but it’s well worth it! If you’re there for a quick bite, head for the bar menu or takeaway - any you could always eat it in the food court area. The lines for the official opening night were chockers but luckily for mum and I we only lined up for 5 minutes before being ushered to our seats (gotta love mum for being chatty with the staff ^^ bro went with his friends that night too and they lined up for about an hour!).

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Queenie’s - The Forresters, Surry Hills

Happy New Year! :) Hope you all had a wonderful 2012 and may 2013 be an even great year x 
Just to recap my whereabouts for the past few weeks:
My entire Christmas and New Years break was such a whirlwind! I felt as though I didn’t even have time to wind-down and catch my breath, hence the lack of blogs ^^” After coming back from a short trip to Cairns with friends, I had Christmas party after party! A shout-out to some of the great places in Cairns that I would recommend/go again to: Marlin Cove Resort - Trinity Beach, Raging Thunders White Water Rafting - Tully River (seriously so much fun!), L’Unico Trattoria - Trinity Beach, and Blue Moon Grill - Trinity Beach. Post Christmas I went on a family (the boy included ^^) road trip to Hunter Valley to see the Christmas lights at Hunter Valley Gardens which were spectacular! I think the lights get taken down at the end of January so if you have time to go check it out, I highly recommend that you do :) Oh and I had an amazing New Years Eve beginning with a boozy seafood BBQ at a friend’s brother’s bachelor pad complete with a panoramic city skyline view. Following with Harbour Party - Luna Park which could not have been better! Even got to see the 9PM fireworks on the ferris wheel, man were we lucky - can’t beat that view!
nye harbour party 2012 
I love January :D Summer, cocktails, beach, and my birthday! hehe birthday month celebrations 
One of the last few places I visited before heading to Cairns was Queenie’s in Surry Hills with Miss K & Miss L (also bumped into some familiar faces). Located inside The Forresters pub on the second floor, it’s a mix of kitschy-retro with reggae remix beats that keeps you in awe with the surroundings. 
Menu at Queenie’s - The Forresters
queenie's the forresters

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Christmas brownie trees

Merry Christmas everyone! 
christmas brownie trees
I know I’ve been sort of sporadically MIA from my blog lately but this whole month has been a complete whirlwind of events. I really should have posted this ‘recipe’ much earlier but it got swamped in between the numerous Christmas parties (either hosted or attended), work, and a spontaneous trip to Cairns with a group of friends :) 

Anyway, believe it or not, this recipe/idea came to me in a dream o_o how bizarre right? I made these for a Christmas party I hosted recently for 20+ friends and packaged them up for guests as take-home gifts. The grown up ‘lolly bag’ haha. I bought the food-safe clear bags from Daiso for $2.80, regular sized candy canes, and cheated by buying Betty Crocker’s rainbow brownie mix (the ones with the mini m&m’s). Turned out surprisingly well!
chocolate brownie christmas trees

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Jazz City Diner, Darlinghurst

jazz city diner
The roaring 1920’s, I can only imagine it must have been such an exciting period with the rise of jazz. When I took dance as an elective subject in high school, one of my favourite styles of dance was swing which came about all thanks to jazz :) I get excited when I go to ‘themed’ restaurants and Chef Dan McGuirt’s Jazz City Diner - Darlinghurst, definitely gave me that buzz of excitement especially since the waitresses had these cute American diner outfits on, just like the movies! The 24-seat diner isn’t terribly big but it was cosy enough to fit us hungry food bloggers (thanks for organising Jeroxie!) after re-arranging  some of the tables ^^”   
Southern fried chicken burger & onion rings - Tabasco mayo, corn salsa, lettuce and tomatoes $16 & $3 onion rings
Pork belly burger & sweet potato fries - Grilled sliced pork belly w/ Boston baked beans, pickled cucumber, tomato caramelised onions and lettuce $18
All burgers come with sweet potato fries. I didn’t try the burgers but they did look mighty good! 

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