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Mexico - Food and Liquor, Surry Hills

    image    image    imageTostiditas of crab, almond & green onion mojo, cucumber, lime, grape $8 
With the transformation of what used to be District Dining, is the birth of a new Tex-Mex eatery, Mexico Food and Liquor - Surry Hills. The exuberance of the space is almost like a shrine to Mexican art culture celebrated by the bright and colourful portraits of Frida Kahlo donned on the walls. The outdoor seating bar area is sure to be a favourite and they even have bag hooks under the tables :). Start with a nibble on their crisp tostiditas which is easily demolished in a bite or two. It’s light in flavour and a refreshing way to start the meal, nice clean flavours.  
Prawn, smoked paprika quesadilla, chilli & orange w/ corn salsa $10
Roast eggplant, green onion & walnut quesadilla with black cumin sour cream $12
Who doesn’t love quesadillas?! :D Crisp, toasted tortillas sandwiching scrumptious fillings of prawns, and the vegetarian option of roasted eggplant with crushed walnuts. The prawn was a clear favourite of the two only because of the corn salsa! Best corn salsa I have ever had, I could totally eat a whole bowl of it haha.. I did eat most of it actually ^^”   imageBeetroot, blood orange, chilli peanut salad w/ queso fresco, tostada
Crispy potatoes tossed in celery lime salt w/ spicy tomatillo dressing
Mexico’s fried chicken $14
A delicious salad of quartered wedges of roasted beetroot (I love beetroot!), segments of juicy sweet blood orange, and roasted chilli peanuts. Whilst the succulent fried chicken was less spiced than expected, the tomatillo dressing for the crispy potatoes were bursting in spice, bit too chilli for my tolerance :( 

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NaruOne, Sydney

Koreatown in the heart of Sydney
We’re all quite acquainted with the Colonel’s finger lickin’ KFC but let me introduce to you an even more delicious alternative also commonly referred to as KFC - Korean Fried Chicken. Home to the best KFC I’ve had can be found in Sydney’s dubbed Koreatown (when did that sign get put up??) at an unassuming underground Korean restaurant, NaruOne
       imageSeafood and leek pancake $13
Cold buckwheat noodle soup $12
Tap beer (500cc) $7
Complimentary ban chan (side dishes) and bucket for bones
The best things to accompany fried chicken is a chilled beer, icy beef broth with long chewy strands of buckwheat noodles and pickled radish. And of course, a wonderful group of friends to enjoy that with :) The seafood pajeon (pancake) here is mediocre as it has a much higher ratio of leek to seafood compared to other places but it’s merely a filler dish for the main attraction. 

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Mrs Sippy, Double Bay

mrs sippy cocktailMrs Sippy, Double Bay
Catching up with Miss J is always a fabulous affair and on this occasion we decided to pop into Mrs Sippy, Double Bay (sounds like Mississippi if you say it fast!) to get away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney CBD. Here you’ll find deliciously concocted cocktails (forgot what I had since this was a while back.. but it was really good! Would definitely come back for cocktails), plush leather seats, and lots of fashionable eye candy :)   
                    mrs sippy
Duck liver pate w/ brioche *sorry forgot the price and is no longer on the current menu
Buttery toasted brioche with fluffy innards slathered on with pate with a red wine? jelly on top.
cobb salad
Classic American cobb salad *sorry forgot the price and is no longer on the current menu
When I’m in the kitchen, I can be very nit-picky about dicing/chopping things so they’re the same size or uniform in shape which is why I love the look of cobb salad :) it’s neat and has a beautiful array of colours, kind of like a rainbow! Creamy avocado, crispy bacon bits, shredded egg - who knew you could do that!, diced tomatoes, shredded chicken, cucumber, and crunchy croutons. 

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Foodies Deli Cafe, Dolls Point - Sandringham

foodies deli cafe dolls point
foodies deli cafe
On our trip down south to Royal National Park for a fun-filled day of kayaking, we took a brunch detour and stopped off at Foodies Deli Cafe, Dolls Point. This cafe embodies the cool & hip vibe of the many top cafes you would find in Surry Hills/Darlinghurst and the food doesn’t disappoint either! I love the decor from the coffee sack cushions to the Brasserie Bread box behind the counter. Here you’ll also find you can purchase gourmet and organic products. 
caramel shake
Caramel Frappe 
Refreshing icy cold caramel slushie and two Pascall? caramel eclairs with chocolate centers on a ‘swizzle stick’. How cute are those teacups!  

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