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For the love of ..seafood at Pier!
It’s been a while since I’ve written up a date night post.. I must admit that I have expensive taste and a knack for fine dining ^^” but every now and then I also get the pang for a cheap fast food meal! This evening I was hankering for a good dose of fancy seafood loving which meant dinner at Pier - Rosebay; sadly fish aren’t friends, they’re food :P #sorrynemo
bubbly water
I love the air bubbles formed in the glasses from the sparkling water (didn’t take a pic but they serve S.Pellegrino)! Isn’t it just so tranquil and relaxing to stare at :)
Even the knives look fancy! No need for serrated knives because it’s all seafood at Pier :D
Entree: Yellow fin tuna tartare capers mustard cress and eschallots $24 ♥♥
Simple and elegant. Just the way I like it. The tuna was extremely fresh and were like little fat pillows on my tongue :) This dish was so good that it would make it onto my list of things to eat as my final meal!
crisp bread
Crispy thin bread to accompany the tartare, though I would’ve been completely happy just eating the tartare by itself. It was a little tricky eating this since it crumbled onto the plate :( making it extremely difficult to scoop the little globules of tuna.
yellow fin tuna and kingfish
Entree: Cones - Yellow fin tuna tartare and Kingfish w/ fresh capers $8 each
Aaw little seafood cones on a mini table ^^ I loved the texture of the salted flaky cone mixed with the squishy tartare and caper baubles. Once again, it tasted so fresh you’d think you were just taking a bite out of the freshly caught fish! 
crab omelette
Main: Spanner Crab Omelette w/ Asian greens and oyster sauce $45 ♥♥♥
I thought the best crab omelette I ever had was at Cafe Ish, but Pier is a worthy contender! Generous servings of crab meat with chopped up bok choy wrapped in an egg blanket. Greg Doyle you are an amazing seafood chef! All I have to say is that the Doyle brother’s (Greg Doyle - Pier and Peter Doyle - Est. & Peter Doyle @ The Quay) are a talented pair with both of them sharing a special spot in my heart. ♥
bread crusted kingfish
Main: Bread crusted Kingfish $45
This was a bit of a miss for me though, the Kingfish was lovely and cooked well though I found it a little bland even with the roasted red peppers, confit fennel and almond foam. What I found interesting was the pan fried bread crust, it wasn’t crispy like I imagined, it was kind of like a half fried batter. The boy liked it so it worked out well between the two of us :)
valrhona choc
Dessert: Valrhona Chocolate Cremeux $24
Typical dessert choice by the boy. If it has chocolate in the name, I can bet a million dollars he would choose it without doubt! The presentation was impressive and I made a mental note to keep this in mind for future dinner parties to wow guests :) Sitting on the dehydrated chocolate wafer was Earl Grey tea jelly, date and cinnamon puree (in the shape of Hershey’s Kisses ^^), and pear ice cream. In the round glass was the chocolate cremeux: dark chocolate mousse, salted caramel, crushed macadamias and chocolate biscuit crumbs.
kiwi vacherin
Dessert: Kiwi Fruit Vacherin $22
Dessert was tough decision with me tossing up between the Vacherin and the souffle! Since I couldn’t have both (which was a wise decision since the Vacherin was much larger than expected!), I ended up with the Kiwi fruit Vacherin because I like Kiwi fruit even though it leaves an annoying tingly sensation on my tongue :) The Vacherin was deconstructed on an elongated plate probably about 25cm in length! It consisted of yoghurt meringue (which tasted like thin sheets of rice crackers), apple and mint sorbet, sherbert powder :D, salted biscuit crumbs, and cheesecake ice cream.
            the damage
The Damage :)

As we were there for dinner, there wasn’t much a view since it was a pitch black veil across Rosebay outside the glass enclosure. If you’re there for the seafood, I don’t think you’ll mind not having a view, otherwise this would be a great place for lunch by/on the bay :)

Pier - http://www.pierrestaurant.com.au
594 New South Head Rd
NSW 2029

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