The Soda Factory, Surry Hills

The Soda Factory, Surry Hills
Stepping into the unassuming entrance of The Soda Factory will lead you into a hipster bar where classic Motown beats are well and truly alive. Hot Stuff - Donna Summer, My Girl - The Temptations, Blame It On The Boogie - The Jacksons… The charm of The Soda Factory is a revival of the unfamiliar & familiar with a touch of nostalgia. An ‘underground’ milk bar bar to celebrate my dear friend Pat’s birthday :) *pictures were taken using my phone 
The Johnny Drama - Beef frankfurter bacon, sour cream, avocado, tomato salsa $10
The buns are soft, generous toppings of avocado mash, and there is bacon wrapping around my beef frankfurt. Yes, bacon wrapped sausage! :’) Would happily have this again, though I would like some melty cheese on top! I didn’t get to try the other hot dogs but everyone seemed content. Oh and they have $1 hot dogs on Tuesday, no joke! Wednesday nights are Pulp Fiction nights :D 
Soda Factory share syphons - serves 4-6 people:
Seabreeze spritz - A delicious mix of cranberry, ruby red grapefruit and fresh lemon, spiked with Ketel One Vodka and served sparkling from your Soda Siphon $35
Old fashioned lemonade -The perfect balance of fresh lemon juice, simple syrup and given some bite by Tanqueray Gin. Delightfully refreshing, served with fresh mint and lemon $35
Pink lemon squirt - Belvedere Vodka mixed with raspberries, fresh lemon juice and a hint of simple syrup for a touch of sweetness $40
The siphons are self-service which is great especially for a group but a little dilute in alcohol - though I loved the Seabreeze spritz with the grapefruit bitters. Will have to come back for the raspberry vodka float ^^

Sides: Chilli cheese fries $7
Oh boy! Crisp shoestring fries and cheeeeeesy sauce, I could easily have all of that to myself in one sitting.
Sides: Mac & cheese $6
Surprisingly it’s probably the best mac & cheese I have had in Australia, comparable to the US! The macaroni is soft but retains bite and is blanketed in a creamy cheese sauce with a dusting of paprika. Bold claim but the mac & cheese here is a sure win! 

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Happy Birthday Pfiddy! haha getting a little cray cray on the siphons ^^ He is also one of the best poppers I know, he has so much creative flavour, I’m so proud of him! See below for a snippet of him from 2011 - he teaches at Crossover and Dancekool now :)

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