Taste of Sydney 2013 preview

This is the fifth year of Taste of Sydney 14-17th March - Centennial Park, and it seems to get better each year! I’ve gone with family for the past two years and we always have a fun-filled moveable degustation day spent grazing from stand to stand both purchasing dishes and tasting an exorbitant amount of samples from exhibitors! This year there will be a Sail & Anchor Beer & Cider Hall, Rekorderlig Cider Bar, Cointreau Fizz Lounge, Destination Dining - Biota Dining ♥ and Jonah’s at Whale Beach, Malasyian Kitchen, Sensology - Art of Cocktail Making, Tasmanian Pavilion (really excited about this because they have the beeeeeeeest berry produce ^^ I especially love raspberries lol) and many more.. Thanks to Stellar, Taste of Sydney and the following four restaurants below; I was invited to an exclusive Taste of Sydney safari preview where we were escorted to one restaurant after another ^^
Claude’s - Slow braised pork cheek and black fungus relish rolls 6 Crowns
MUST GET THESE! Don’t be put off by the description of black fungus as this toasted buttery milk bun with the super tender pork jowl and black fungus relish bursts with umami flavour :D 
Claude’s Executive Head Chef - Chui Lee Luk
Our first stop for our safari trip was Claude’s in Woollahra, which is split into two levels. The amicable Chef Chui Lee Luk (say hi to her, she’ll be at Taste of Sydney! Oh and she’ll only be making 10 of her Icon dish - twice baked cheese souffle 22 crowns) explains how the bottom floor is a more casual dining space that will be serving bar food, whilst the upstairs with the lilacs and soft pink interior will be reserved for degustation dining. 
Chicken liver parfait $9 - available on the Bar menu at Claude’s
I love how she incorporates a lot of her Chinese-Malaysian background in her dishes and this did not disappoint though I was a bit skeptical at first! The achar pickles provide a nice cut-through to the richness of the chicken liver parfait. Unfortunately this won’t be available at Taste of Sydney.

This was our second surprise stop for the evening and I was so pleased as Collin Fassnidge’s - 4Fourteen, Surry Hills, has been on my to-go list for the longest time! I love how it’s so spacious and casual yet has elements of finesse you would find when fine dining. Great place to go with a large group :)
4Fourteen (found at Four in Hand @ Taste of Sydney) - Spring Bay mussels with chorizo and proscuitto broth 10 crowns
An open kitchen is always fantastic because the smells just waft over to the table and it feel homely. We were so amazed by the size of the Spring Bay mussels! Length-wise it was 3/4 the size of my hand! Char-grilled sourdough drizzled in olive oil was perfect for soaking up the intensely flavoursome broth :) 
The Woods - Wood-Roasted Chicken Radiccio with Preserved Lemon and Pine Nuts 10 crowns 
I haven’t had a chance to blog about The Woods, Four Seasons Hotel - Sydney, yet but I went when they first opened and I had the spatchcock as my main which I loved, also their signature dish. When I saw that they had put this on the Taste of Sydney menu, I did a little jig (metaphorically haha). Hamish Ingham does a really good job in cooking with Asian influences and he makes a mean wood-roasted chicken! Succulent with crispy skin, crunchy buttery sourdough croutons, toasted pine nuts, and the preserved lemon jus (which tasted like preserved kumquats!). I have a feeling this is going to be real popular at Taste of Sydney!
Ananas Bar & Brasserie - The Argyle Xchange
Finally, our last stop for the evening ended on a high sweet note at the fabulously decorated Ananas Bar & Brasserie - The Argyle Xchange, The Rocks. Ananas means pineapple in French and it’s a sign of welcoming guests to dine or party - the place is decked out with all sort of pineapple chandeliers, ornaments etc. I wish my camera could have picked up the beauty of this place, but it was just too dark :( We felt so pampered with champagne and multiple glasses of wines to pair with the desserts. Plus the goodie bag we got to take away filled with pineapple macarons and pineapple rock candy :D
Pineapple 4 ways - available on the menu at Ananas Bar & Brasserie
This is their signature dessert and it was heavenly, definitely coming back for this one! The best way to describe this is a Malibu cocktail on a tropical island, tastes like the Bahamas :) Extremely thin and delicate candied pineapple slices, velvety smooth pinacolada sorbet, pineapple jelly cubes.. I forget exactly.. must have been the wine haha but I do remember polishing this off!
Ananas Bar & Brasserie - Salted caramel eclair 6 crowns
If you ask me, for 6 crowns this is a steal as it’s usually $12! Though it will be a tad smaller in size at Taste of Sydney as it will be a taster size. This is made fresh to order (both at Ananas and at Taste of Sydney) so the choux pastry doesn’t get soggy from the cream filling inside ^^ That strip of salted caramel on the top is just divine! 
Snickers 2012 $16 - available on the menu at Ananas Bar & Brasserie
Amazing! Deconstructed Snickers chocolate bar compiled with a creamy peanut butter ice cream sitting on a bed of crushed chocolate biscuits, salted peanuts, milk chocolate marshmallowy mousse, and a tempered chocolate cylindrical casing. C’est magnifique! 

Taste of Sydney menu card
1 Crown = $1

Opening Times:

Thursday 14th March 5:30-10PM
Friday 15th March 12-4PM or 5:30-10PM
Saturday 16th March 12-4PM or 5:30-9:30PM
Sunday 17th March 12-5PM

*Tickets can be purchased online or at the door on the day

Participating Taste of Sydney restaurants include:



The Woods

Ananas Bar & Brasserie

Three Blue Ducks

The Cut Bar & Grill

Four in Hand


Saké Restaurant & Bar

Jonah’s Whale Beach

Biota Dining

Muse Dining


Longrain Restaurant & Bar


Kitchen by Mike

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