NaruOne, Sydney

Koreatown in the heart of Sydney
We’re all quite acquainted with the Colonel’s finger lickin’ KFC but let me introduce to you an even more delicious alternative also commonly referred to as KFC - Korean Fried Chicken. Home to the best KFC I’ve had can be found in Sydney’s dubbed Koreatown (when did that sign get put up??) at an unassuming underground Korean restaurant, NaruOne
       imageSeafood and leek pancake $13
Cold buckwheat noodle soup $12
Tap beer (500cc) $7
Complimentary ban chan (side dishes) and bucket for bones
The best things to accompany fried chicken is a chilled beer, icy beef broth with long chewy strands of buckwheat noodles and pickled radish. And of course, a wonderful group of friends to enjoy that with :) The seafood pajeon (pancake) here is mediocre as it has a much higher ratio of leek to seafood compared to other places but it’s merely a filler dish for the main attraction. 
Fried chicken with spring onion $32
Glorious golden mountain of crispy KFC served with a soy-based dipping sauce and radish cubes. Crunch crunch crunch, left right and center as we devour the succulent prized chicken like a ravenous pack of  wolves. The Cornflake cereal-like coating gives it that incredible crunch minus the greasy aftermath.  It’s a bold claim but this KFC is the best in Sydney, I kid you not!       image
Fried chicken and fried chicken w/ sweet & spicy sauce - half & half $33
For those who like a bit more punch in flavour, go for the sweet and spicy coated. Whilst I cannot handle spicy food, Korean chilli paste (gochujang) is the only chilli I can handle as it has a slightly sweetened undertone. You’ll want to dig in as soon as it’s served but be careful as it’s quite hot which is attributed from the glucose/sugar in the sauce. It’s a messy but delicious affair :) 



open til 3am on Saturday
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