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egg yolk pornEgg yolk porn!
One of Sydney’s hidden gems that’s popular with the locals is Cafe Morso in Pyrmont. It’s a quaint little cafe on the wharf that’s only open for breakfast & lunch and always abuzz on the weekends especially if the weather is warm and sunny. Best to book ahead if you want to nab a table without the wait :) This was on my must-go-to list for the longest time and I’m glad I finally got around to going because it’s definitely a favourite of mine now! The boy took me here for my birthday brunch :) Our plan was to go for brunch, art gallery for the Francis Bacon exhibit, and then followed by a romantic picnic.. but ended up going home after brunch to prep an exorbitant amount of food for the picnic ^^”  
cafe morso
cafe morso bacon and egg gnocchi
Late breakfast - Bacon and egg gnocchi with baby herbs and truffle oil $18
Plump rolls of soft, fluffy gnocchi with julienne bacon strips, perfectly poached egg in all it’s oozy glamour, finished off with a drizzle of truffle oil. The ultimate breakfast combination of bacon, eggs and potato :) The toast was perfect to mop up the golden yolk and truffle oil :9 So moreish though my only strife was the gnocchi which I would have preferred it to be cripsy, pan-fried but that’s just me being nit-picky ^^” would still order this again!
cafe morso burger
cafe morso wagyu burger
Cafe Morso wagyu beef burger with rocket, swiss cheese, chargrilled bacon, onion relish and fries $22
If you love burgers, you HAVE to try the Cafe Morso signature wagyu beef burger! Seriously the bomb-diggity! Every bite was met with a toasted bun, succulent wagyu beef with juices dripping, crispy bacon, and a delicious blanket of melty and nutty swiss cheese :D Even the fries were perfect! I may or may not have taken numerous bites from the boy’s burger but man it’s so good, I need another stat!  
Raspberry, strawberry frappe with lime $6.50
Refreshing and made with real berries, not syrup :) 
Banana smoothie with honey, yoghurt and cinnamon $5.50
I loved this! It was so simple and healthy. Thick smoothie, not overly sweet and made with Greek yoghurt (really into that these days, love the taste of natural yoghurt, can’t go back to eating the regular stuff!). The addition of cinnamon is warming, going to try this at home :) 


Cafe Morso
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