Sweethearts Rooftop BBQ, Potts Point

sweethearts rooftop bbq
                        sweethearts bbq
I tend to be quite spoilt when it comes round to my birthday :) and I usually extend my birthday celebrations for as long as I can haha - I get a birthday month of celebrations! When Mr Barclay (shame he was holidaying in Cambodia so he couldn’t attend) informed me about this amazing new venue, Sweethearts Rooftop BBQ - Potts Point, I knew I had to have a birthday celebration there! Brightly coloured picnic tables, lots of greenery, fairy lanterns, great beats, cocktails, BBQ - this place has it all! It’s in the Sugarmill building, above Kit & Kaboodle :)   
mango cocktail
Pitchers: Mango Tree - mango liqueur, pineapple, rum, dry ginger, lemon $28
sweethearts rooftop bbq kit and kaboodle
sweethearts bbq food

Garlic Bread
Artichoke salad, Parmesan, Beetroot, Purslane 
Give me garlic bread and I go weak at the knees! Especially if it’s toasted crisp on the outside, and soft and really buttery inside :) I have a fondness for beetroot as well and it went well with the marinated artichoke hearts. Very light and wholesome salad. 
sweethearts rooftop bbq skewers
Selection of skewers: Marinated Veggies, Salmon Belly, Beef Tri Trip, Chicken Thigh, Pork Fillet
Selection of sauces: Spicy Tomato Chutney, Ginger & Soy, Harissa Aioli, Choice of Mustards (Dijon and English/Russian), Chilli Caramel, Chimichurri
Hand Cut Chips
Delicious, thick, golden double/triple cooked chips with fluffy potato innards. The skewers were abundant and certainly very filling! Everything was flavoursome and cooked perfectly, none of that over-charred meat you would normally get if you were BBQing at home! I especially loved the salmon belly which was a little pink in the center and just melted in my mouth with every bite. The house-made sauces are dynamite as well! My favourite was the viscous golden brown chilli caramel which leaned more towards the sweetness and only a little heat :)
watermelon cocktail
Pitchers: Hills Hoist - watermelon, apple, lemon, gin, mint, soda $30
Must get! Favourite of the three refreshing pitchers we got :) Definitely oozes everything wonderful about summer! 
sweethearts rooftop bbq rain cover
We were a tad worried as it had started sprinkling but luckily they have a roll-out shade cover.
sweethearts rooftop bbq skewer food
bbq food
Baby Cos, Almonds, Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Persian Fetta, Sherry Vinaigrette
Spinach with Raisins, Pine Nuts
Light summer salad of crunchy baby cos, juicy tomatoes, and peeled almonds - activated almonds? Really liked the mix of spinach with the raisins and pine nuts, would’ve never guessed that they would go well together! Going to make that at home :)
sweethearts rooftop bar
Pitchers: Slip N Slide - peach tea, vanilla vodka, lemon, cranberry, bitters, soda $28
23rd birthday - sweethearts rooftop bbq
♥ Thank you all for coming! Also for the set of custom-fit Mizuno golf clubs, bag, and glass dispenser 
black star pastry chocolate vegan cake with popcorn
Cone Choc Tops - Flavours of the day: Passionfruit, Apple Pie, Jaffa
It came out individually wrapped and popped into a styrofoam box which I thought was absolute genius :) The cone had gone a little soft due to moisture but it was still a delicious treat. I had the passionfruit which was the perfect way to end the BBQ lunch! 
Black Star Pastry - Vegan Chocolate Popcorn Cake
"A dense but soft chocolate cake is glazed and then decorated with caramelised popcorn and freeze-dried raspberries. No animal products are used in making this cake."
4 PORTION 16×16CM $22
6 PORTION 18×18CM $32
8 PORTION 23×23CM $40
10 PORTION 25×25CM $50 
12 PORTION 27×27CM $60
14 PORTION 30×30CM $70
16 PORTION 32×32CM $80
22 PORTION 37.5×37.5CM $110

Once again a superb delight from the ever-reliable crowd-pleasing Black Star Pastry :) (I also received a surprise birthday cake from Christopher Thé @ Black Star Pastry which I will blog about soon - so sweet of him and the cake was amazing! Not yet in store but it should be!) I chose the 8 portion size for 11 guests (cut very nicely by the kitchen staff ^^ was a bit difficult to do it ourselves because of the toffee from the popcorn) but even then with all the food it was quite filling and we even left two slices for the staff at Sweethearts Rooftop BBQ. They were gushing with happiness! 

Sweethearts Rooftop BBQ - http://sweetheartsbbq.com.au/
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Black Star Pastryhttp://blackstarpastry.com.au/
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