Shiki Japanese Restaurant, The Rocks

Looking back at my photos of yet-to-be-posted blogs, I eat my fair share of Japanese food.. if only this was somehow supporting those in Japan right now :(

Anyway, on this very special occasion I chose to dine at Shiki Japanese Restaurant - The Rocks, with the boy for his 21st birthday (25th February! .. yes, I am aware that was like a month ago :P). Well actually, mum told me about this restaurant and suggested I bring the boy there since his favourite cuisine is Japanese - yes, it was shameful for me to take credit for it lol.

*If you finish your meal before 8pm, you pay $65 instead of $80 for the degustation! So if you’re on a limited budget but still want to enjoy good food, I would definitely recommend Shiki! The degustation menu changes monthly so you can keep going and going and going… and not get bored! The service is superb as well which I’ll talk about later on :)    
The restaurant is quite spacious and has a lovely overlooking view of The Rocks markets! I love the surrounding decor and the soft jazz in the background. Look! Pebbles along the outskirts of the restaurant :D very zen-like!
     baby abalone
Baby abalone steamed with sake, chilled to serve
Very refreshing and the sake wasn’t overpowering at all, it tasted of chicken stock with ginger. mm.. baby abalone cooked perfectly, wasn’t chewy at all ♥ I really liked the crisp daikon slices :)
Sashimi with soy & chive sauce
Salmon & tuna sashimi! Woohoo fatty omega 3, good for your health & skin!

tender chicken breastTender chicken breast with choko & beetroot w/ white sesame sauce
What seems to look like oddly cut sandwiches are in fact slices of chicken breast, sliced almost exactly the same thickness too! There wasn’t a much flavour in the chicken but the white sesame sauce is deeeeelish! Of the two, I prefer the beetroot more, but only because I like beetroot. It was good to see choko (aka chayote) on the menu though since not a lot of places serve this green melon, great source of vitamin c and amino acids.
                      matcha tea
Japanese matcha green tea & grapefruit juice (sorry, I forget the price)
Remember how I mentioned earlier that their service was really good?! The staff are very very attentive, when our glasses are half full they re-fill it with more water. This was the same with the tea as well!
*The Lindt goodies & Ghermez mini cupcakes were from his work colleague, Harry!

braised wagyu cheekBraised wagyu cheek served with fig & red wine sauce ♥♥
This was the first time either of us had tried beef cheek and it was mind-blowingly amazing! The meat was pulled apart and moist, so flavoursome that I didn’t think it needed the red wine sauce.
Sweet miso marinated toothfish
Since the toothfish actively hunts for prey amongst strong currents, their flesh is quite robust - perfect for eating :) There’s a good amount of omega 3 on the skin as well. The leaf lettuce was very bitter compared to the sweetness of the fish but the boy pointed out that the fish tasted even better afterward!
Erm so I’m not entirely sure what the cucumber furry spider thing is, does anyone know? At first I thought it was a type of jalepenos, but it wasn’t chilli at all o_O
It’s Okra!! Thanks Harry & Shiki :)
    lobster garlic butter
Lobster karaage with garlic butter
Only two mouthfuls and it was gone :( The garlic soy buttery sauce was really yummy!
  chilled tomato soup
Freshly chilled tomato soup
Light broth with asparagus, baby abalone cubes, the soup-base tasted similar to the abalone sake entree.
   miso pork
Grilled miso marinated pork tenderloin
Juicy and tender pork slices with sprinkled nutmeg :) You know what makes this dish aweOHsum?? Fried cheesy rice ball! Total happiness for me ^^ I was so sad that the boy devoured his before I could scab half of his one as well :P
nigiri sushi
Nigiri sushi
birthday dessert
Birthday dessert
When I made reservations, I mentioned that it was going to be a birthday dinner so instead of the ‘Dessert of the day’ they brought out this beautifully presented birthday dessert! Chocolate cake, vanilla bean icecream balls, and green tea panna cotta w/ azuki beans.

Shiki Japanese Restaurant -
Clocktower square, cnr Argyle & Harrington St
The Rocks, NSW 2000

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Happy 21st birthday baby boo!
                                                                            xx love you ♥

 birthday boy 21
Rocher Cake - Gelatissimo
The boy requested an icecream cake so here it is in all its glory! Chocolate sponge & Veronese chocolate gelato, encased in a nut chocolate ganache (nutella?? :D) and topped with nut encrusted bambino cones. Yes, it’s a blue flame cause I am awesome and bought a super expensive candle for the novelty of having copper/calcium chlroride on ze candle! 8-) nerdy.
*omg! why is there a chunk missing?? did someone poke their finger in because it looked so tasty? :P
All his gifts :) and .. 50 helium balloons (each with a personal message inside from the attending guests)
I have decided that in the future, if my kids want to have helium balloons at their party - they’re going to have to do it themselves or I’ll just pay someone to do it! fml my fingers were so sore from tying them!! They were red and were literally sore for days! It paid off since the birthday boy thought it was a super sweet idea ♥
*my only regret is forgetting to buy the piñata :( I would have liked to bash something after slaving over the balloons D:< lol
Finally, to end this post, I just want to say a big thank you to all those who attended and especially to those who remembered to write the message before the party :P Also for making his special day magical & memorable!
     jason 21
                                        Happy 21st Birthday Darling oxox

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