The Little Snail, Pyrmont

Le Petit Escargot. The Little Snail. During highschool in year 7 & 8, I was actually really good at French.. sure it was hard work memorising the vocabularly and trying to distinguish whether it should be the male or female word, though I wish I had kept it. But we were only allowed two electives and Visual Art & Dance topped my list. My sister’s quite fluent now (sounds like music when she speaks in French!) and my French has diminished to mainly French food - very good at reading menus lol. I was contacted by Groupon to dine at The Little Snail, Pyrmont which worked out well as I had been meaning to check it out for some time. After 2 hour luxurious spa-pampering session with the boy at Cendana Spa, Grace Hotel, we strolled across Pyrmont Bridge overlooking Darling Harbour to have le dîner (dinner ^^).        
Even without the Groupon voucher (click for a link to their French restaurants page if you’re on the look-out for a French restaurant Groupon voucher), they also have a regular dining deal which consists of a 3 course dinner at $59pp or you can choose to dine a la carte. 
the little snail entree
Boulette de Fruits de Mer - Salmon, prawns and blue swimmer crab, steamed, served on tomato and chervil veloute
This tasted so similar to the salmon patty cakes mum makes! A seafood meatball with dill tossed through. A comforting entree to start off with that’s not too heavy.
french seafood stew
Bouillabaisse de Marseille - Traditional French seafood soup of mussels, fish fillets and prawns, cooked in tomato and seafood broth, served with garlic baguette
The boy’s entree was fragrant and thanks to the tomatoes in the broth, it had an umami natural msg-like flavour. Didn’t try the seafood but I did end up eating 1.5 of the baguettes ^^” seriously delicious! Crusty outer layer and fluffy-soft, garlicky buttered bread. 
duck breast
Margret de Canard - Crispy skin duck breast fillet with wok tossed spinach served with cassis and raspberry sauce

I love the blackcurrant full bodied wine-like flavour of cassis so I was immediately drawn to this - plus I love spinach. It’s great when restaurants slice up your meat for you. Funnily enough, this reminded me of mum’s cooking as well, but in a good way haha. Wish the skin was crispier and had more of the fat cooked off (the way mum does it ^^”), but still was enjoyable.  
Cote de Veau - Veal tenderloin with champignon and chardonnay beurre blanc, served with potato croquette and seasonal green
Rich, creamy mushroom sauce smothered on a tender ‘steak’ of veal. 
                         mashed potato
Creamy mashed potato (not included in the deal) $6
Buttery and creamy mash :)
Chef churned hazelnut and praline ice cream - on shortbread and Grand Marnier caramel
A bit like eating hokey pokey ice cream ^^ though I found the shortbread a little too hard for my liking.
              banana crepe
Banana liqueur crepe 
Love crepes :) This reminded me of the mango pancakes you get at yum cha! Light, spongey? crepe filled with mascarpone and banana compote.

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When the world stops spinning and guest attended this event courtesy of Groupon

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