Foodies Deli Cafe, Dolls Point - Sandringham

foodies deli cafe dolls point
foodies deli cafe
On our trip down south to Royal National Park for a fun-filled day of kayaking, we took a brunch detour and stopped off at Foodies Deli Cafe, Dolls Point. This cafe embodies the cool & hip vibe of the many top cafes you would find in Surry Hills/Darlinghurst and the food doesn’t disappoint either! I love the decor from the coffee sack cushions to the Brasserie Bread box behind the counter. Here you’ll also find you can purchase gourmet and organic products. 
caramel shake
Caramel Frappe 
Refreshing icy cold caramel slushie and two Pascall? caramel eclairs with chocolate centers on a ‘swizzle stick’. How cute are those teacups!  

Foodies giant pan brekky w/ eggs al calzone (fried & flipped), bacon, tomato, mushrooms, chorizo & sauteed kipfler potatoes $17  
It really is gigantic! I’m so glad the boy and I opted to share this as we would not have been able to do it alone. Generous serves of bacon (but then again, there can never be enough bacon!), crispy pan-fried chorizo slices, fluffy potatoes.. and Brasserie Bread’s New York Rye :) Great energy fuel for our 3-4 hour kayaking adventure!  
Grilled chicken breast w/ sweet corn, tomato, capsicum & coriander salsa $17
My brother’s dish had everyone feeling quite envious! I didn’t take a shot of everyone elses meal but this grilled chicken breast definitely deserves a shout-out! Love a good golden crispy skinned succulent chicken breast and that creamy capsicum? sauce was so delicious. Also like how they’ve cut the corn from the cob rather than using tinned or frozen :)   
foodies deli

Foodies Deli Cafe
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