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ippudo sydney
ippudo westfield sydney
Ippudo at Sydney Westfield 
Another Sydney ramen favourite that everyone is raving about. It’s ramen as you know it but a little bit fancy :) Expect long lines of up to 40 minutes wait for Ippudo, Sydney Westfield, but it’s well worth it! If you’re there for a quick bite, head for the bar menu or takeaway - any you could always eat it in the food court area. The lines for the official opening night were chockers but luckily for mum and I we only lined up for 5 minutes before being ushered to our seats (gotta love mum for being chatty with the staff ^^ bro went with his friends that night too and they lined up for about an hour!).

ippudo summer salad
summer ramen salad
Summer in Sydney $17
One of the two special ramens created by Shigemi Kawahara, “Ramen King” to commemorate the opening of Ippudo Sydney. This was only available on the opening day but both mum and I are hoping they put this umami concoction permanently on the menu! We were actually interviewed on a Japanese TV food show featuring this ramen :) This is the perfect ramen for a hot summers day! Warm al dente ramen noodles with chopped onions, lettuce, boiled scampi, squid, smoked salmon, ruby grapefruit and pineapples. All tossed in a wasabi and anchovy cream sauce. This mix of fruit and seafood is delightfully refreshing.  
ippudo ramen
Akamaru Shinaji $16
The 25-year old recipe requires slow cooking over long hours to achieve a perfect emulsion of oil and liquid, creating a rich and powerful Tonkotsu that enhances the flavour of pork-bone topped with Ippudo secret miso, garlic oil, lean slices of pork, black mushroom, soybean sprouts, and scallions. 
Ippudo’s signature dish. This does not disappoint and we’re so glad we let our enthusiastic waiter decide for us :) Mum is very particular about her ramen broth and will scrutinise it before determining if it’s up to standard in her books and Ippudo receives the thumbs up. Flavoursome collagen-rich broth (not as gummy or thick as Gumshara) with a subtle garlicky aroma and succulent slices of pork. What would make this even better is if the ramen noodles were like the ones served at other ramen joints as I found the ones at Ippudo thinner and didn’t retain that same enjoyable bite than that of a thicker egg ramen noodle. Still makes for a top bowl of ramen though!
*Oh and we didn’t order an egg but keep in mind that they don’t serve onsen eggs so it would most likely be medium-hard boiled, don’t expect a gooey yolk! :)
eel rice
Hot stone unagi rice - Grilled Japanese eel on rice w/ original Kabayaki sauce $10
Be careful because the stone pot comes out piping hot. Crispy rice with generous pieces of tender eel and thinly sliced egg omelette topped with seaweed. Great value for money.
ippudo pork bun
Ippudo pork bun - Steamed bun w/ braised pork and Ippudo original sauce $4
Soft fluffy bun that’s the lightest I’ve ever had which contrasted the crunch of the lettuce. Delicious sticky sweet braised pork and I quite like the squeeze of creamy mayonnaise. Definitely one of my two favourite pork buns in Sydney; the other being Momofuku’s pork bun. This pork bun can also be ordered at the bar along with the shrimp bun, edamame, camembert tempura, Ippudo teba fried chicken wings etc :)  
ippudo cocktail
Fukuoka Mule - Fukuoka (Hakata) original shochu w/ Bundaberg Ginger Beer $11

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