Tenkomori Ramen House - Regent Place, Sydney

Gone are the days of Azuma Patisserie (relocated across the road to 580 George St Sydney) and Ton Ton ramen at Regent Place but Menya’s replacement with Tenkomori Ramen House proves to be welcomed by many patrons. There’s a snake line/queue before you reach the counter to order your ramen/rice bowl and like the other Menya ‘fast food’ establishments, you have a buffet of side dishes for selection. 

This is a super quick blog post since I don’t have much to do at work today ^^” just had this for lunch but I didn’t bring my DSLR with me so my phone camera photos will have to do! 
tenkomori regents place
butter corn ramen

Regular size - Corn butter ramen in a Tonkotsu broth $6.30
Egg noodle w/ corn butter, sweet corn, pickled mustard, fish cake and white sesame
Whilst I have heard from others saying their noodles were a tad on the soft side, I actually didn’t mind it. It’s only just a bit softer than al dente. There’s nothing to rave about the ramen and I did notice that the images on the menu show two fish cakes but you only get one (not that I mind since I don’t really like them). Not a fan of the pickled mustard either since it’s a bit spicy for me ^^” The tonkotsu broth is absolutely flavoursome and rich! It has a milky colour but it’s quite a light broth made from simmering pork bones. Sitting by my lonesome self I overheard other patrons exclaiming how good their broth was after sipping and giving nods of approval. 
Pork katsu (sauce condiments are served on the table) $2.50
Thick golden & crunchy batter and quite a thin piece of meat. Should have gone with the stewed pork belly instead which looked pretty good.  
Sweet ginger tea $1.30
Sometimes I can be such a sheep -.- I don’t like the taste of ginger but I got myself a cold sweet ginger tea because the five patrons in-front also chose to get one and I figured it must be good.. the ginger is not subtle. The other drinks were iced barley tea, pearl milk tea and iced matcha milk tea.regents placetenkomori menu*To view larger image: right click, open image in new tab. Oh and there’s extra 20 cents or 30 cents if you get takeaway. Cash only.

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