Jazz City Diner, Darlinghurst

jazz city diner
The roaring 1920’s, I can only imagine it must have been such an exciting period with the rise of jazz. When I took dance as an elective subject in high school, one of my favourite styles of dance was swing which came about all thanks to jazz :) I get excited when I go to ‘themed’ restaurants and Chef Dan McGuirt’s Jazz City Diner - Darlinghurst, definitely gave me that buzz of excitement especially since the waitresses had these cute American diner outfits on, just like the movies! The 24-seat diner isn’t terribly big but it was cosy enough to fit us hungry food bloggers (thanks for organising Jeroxie!) after re-arranging  some of the tables ^^”   
Southern fried chicken burger & onion rings - Tabasco mayo, corn salsa, lettuce and tomatoes $16 & $3 onion rings
Pork belly burger & sweet potato fries - Grilled sliced pork belly w/ Boston baked beans, pickled cucumber, tomato caramelised onions and lettuce $18
All burgers come with sweet potato fries. I didn’t try the burgers but they did look mighty good! 

Macaroni & cheese $12
Nothing screams American like mac & cheese. Macaroni pasta, melty cheese cream cheese sauce, and toasted bread crumbs in a cast iron pot.
Chili cheese fries - Spicy beef chili mince and fire roasted cheese $10
This was a bit mind-boggling at first because it tasted like nachos but instead of corn chips, we had fries :) which by the way is soooooo much better! 
Jamaican jerk chicken wings - Chicken wings marinated with our Jamaican jerk marinade, seasoned with our jerk seasoning. Served with onion rings and a citrus dipping sauce $20
                      prawn tempura
Shrimp corn dogs 
jazz city diner
Four large jumbo shrimp on skewers coated with a cornmeal batter. Served with a South Carolina BBQ sauce and a shrimp cocktail sauce. Fried green tomato salad with buttermilk dressing $27
To be honest it was on the pricier end considering it was only four large shrimp, though it was tasty. I guess I expected the dish to be a bit more substantial considering it was a main meal.. 
         fried green tomato salad
Chicken & waffles - A Belgium waffle, southern fried chicken pieces, spinach, brown butter and a drizzle of maple syrup $22
Savoury and sweet, the perfect marriage if well-balanced. This is commonly known as soul food in the US and who knew that fried chicken, waffles and syrup could be such a good combination. 
Chicken & andouille sausage gumbo - A New Orleans signature dish of chicken, New Orleans andouille sausage, and diced ham in a dark rich broth served with rice $18
I’ve had gumbo before in a New Orleans restaurant but it didn’t quite taste the same as I remember it to be. The gumbo here is a modern take on the traditional dish but it’s nonetheless delicious comforting stew.
Fried green tomato salad - Mixed greens and herbs dressed in a buttermilk, green goddess or a blue cheese dressing $16
Quite interesting as I’ve never had a green tomato before - not quite sure if a green tomato is an unripe tomato or if there are specially grown green tomatoes?  
root beer float
Jarritos mango $4.5
Peanut butter malted milkshake $10
Real thick and addictive! Once again it’s that wonderful sweet and savoury notes from the peanut butter, malt and ice cream. 
A&W Root beer float/spider $8
Frothy root beer goodness :) so much fun pouring the root beer over the ice cream and watching it froth up!
A&W Root beer $5
*Milkshakes and floats made using homemade ice cream
             banana cream pie
Banana cream pie with caramel drizzle $12
             pecan pie
Pecan pie with butter pecan ice cream $10
             coconut cream pie
Coconut cream pie $12
Best ever desserts!! Highly recommend all three dessert pies, the best I’ve had in Sydney and generous servings too! Rich in flavour and not too sweet either, need to go back for more :D

Very much looking forward to checking out Dan’s new restaurant, Jazz City Milk Bar which will be in the same courtyard (Republic 2 Courtyard, Palmer Street) as Phamish and Universal in Darlinghurst :) 

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