Orto Trading Co. - Surry Hills

orange juice
Piccolo latte $3 - very cheap for Surry Hills!
Freshly squeezed juice - Orange, apple & strawberry $6.50
One of my all time favourite TV shows is Sex and the City, SATC, which revolved around four glamorous New Yorker’s lives filled with Manolos, an incredible wardrobe, cocktails, and relationship gossiping over brunch. If my life were SATC, I would be Charlotte York and Mr C. would be my Anthony Marantino - though I do have a touch of Carrie Bradshaw in me :). Brunching with Mr C at Orto Trading Co., Surry Hills, was fabulous and it would fit right in with a scene from SATC. I noticed a group of mothers and their bubs sitting on one of the tables outside and they all looked like they had just stepped out of a magazine shoot! Just stunning; Mr C and I joked and secretly wished that that would be us one day haha. Which lead to Mr C anointing himself as the future god-father of my kids - though too soon a conversation to have with the boy lol.     
orto trading co
duck salad
Duck breast salad $26 (gf)
Tender and plump slices of blushing duck breast on a bed of salad leaves, blood orange, walnuts, and honeycomb! Incredibly delicious and that honeycomb just melted in my mouth :D Good balance of flavours with that tartness and slight bitterness from the blood orange, just amazing. 

potato rosti
Potato rosti - stuffed w/ fetta and served w/ wild mushrooms, sauteed spinach, poached eggs, and hollandaise $18 (v, gf)
I tried some of Mr.C’s dish and it was an utterly delicious wholesome meal :) 
orto trading co surry hills
Adore the decor!
orto trading co surry hills
Orange, apple & strawberry 
So fresh and gorgeous, perfect for a glamorous life.  

Orto Trading Co. - http://www.ortotradingco.com.au
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