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bangbang surry hills
Phoenix Organics - Sparkling cranberry and lime $4.80
Piccolo $3.20
The Brits really know how to whip up some crackin’ breakfast nosh! (Haha, am I saying it right?!) Did you know we owe it to the Brits for the ever-so popular Full Monty (not the movie :P), which we know as the full English breakfast. Eggs, toast, crispy bacon, black pudding, sausages, baked beans… and lots of other variations. An English breakfast is never complete without the condiments of HP Sauce or Ketchup which I’m delighted as Bangbang Cafe - Surry Hills is well equipped. Former DJ Alan Thompson moved to Australia from the UK and opened this quaint cafe with remnants of his Ministry of Sound days through a headphones mural on the cafe wall. The food here is the bees knees and the coffee is ace :)bangbang reservoir st surry hills
Veggie Breakfast - Pan fried haloumi, 2 poached eggs, avocado, Bangbang baked beans, bubble & squeak w/ roast tomato & sourdough toast $18.50 
I had a lot of trouble deciding what I wanted to have for breakfast because there were so many dishes which sounded fantastic! This veggie breakfast was scrumptiously hearty even though there was no meat. Squeaky lemony haloumi, gooey egg yolks, pre-buttered toast, house-made baked beans, creamy avocado.. and my favourite British food - bubble and squeak. Man I love potatoes haha. But the best bubble & squeak to date is still at Copo Cafe & Dinner - Drummoyne

bacon and eggs
Bangbang Breakfast Stack - Crispy potato rosti topped w/ wilted spinach, 2 poached eggs, crispy pancetta & Bangbang hollandaise sauce $16.90
The boy’s breakfast stack was every bit enjoyable - shreds of crispy potato sticks and rich, buttery hollandaise sauce which I diligently mopped up with my sourdough toast :) Ah the perks of a relationship! 

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