Puntino Trattoria, Woolloomooloo

It’s said that a great meal should indulge all your senses with smell being the first sense. Walking down Crown Street passing The Owl House towards Woolloomooloo, the smell of the wood-fire burning pulled me into Puntino Trattoria, Woolloomooloo. There’s a large glass window adjacent to the entrance where you can peer in to see the wood-fired oven in all it’s glory, and Chef Antonio (Tony) Sabia diligently kneading the pizza dough. 
smoked provolene
Cacio di cavallo - Smoked provolone baked in the woodfired oven served with shaved black truffles $16.90
Calzone ai formaggi - Wood fired pizza folded over with mozzarella, parmesan and garlic (v) $10
One of the great loves of my life is cheese! And nothing beats melty smoked cheese with black truffles, believe me it’s well worth the extra calories to your waistline :) Being wood-fired, the calzone was crisp and had a wood-fired/charred taste with a light garlic flavour, good alternative to garlic bread.
puntino trattoria
Gnocchi sorrentino - Potato gnocchi cooked in a light napolitana sauce served with slices of buffalo mozzarella,and basil $19.90
Stone baked wood-fired pizza: F1 - Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, ricotta, ham, salami, vito’s basil and evo $24
Their pizza dough is thin and it’s sort of like a crispy flat-bread. When I was younger I used to love thick crusted pizza bases but over the years I’ve developed a penchant for super thin bases and Puntino Trattoria definitely ticks the boxes! Not overloaded with toppings but just enough so you can taste every individual ingredient. But I would’ve preferred more cheese on it ^^” with cheese, more is better!
woodfired pizza
Stone baked wood-fired pizza oven
puntino trattoria woolloomooloo
Calamari in padella - Calamari flash cooked in pan marinated in lemon and garlic, served with onion capsicum relish $16
Funghi misti al forno - Medley of seasonal mushroom baked in the wood-fired oven with dads fresh herbs and olive oil for two $19.90
Mr Potato Head - Mozzarella, potato, truffle oil, grano padano and rosemary (v)(w) $18.90

The calamari seemed to be a hit with the whole table! Tender flesh but still retaining some bite, good amount of dressing from the wood-fired lemon and garlic bulbs, and some sweetness from the rings of sticky balsamic vinegar. A hot pan of sizzling mushroom varietals were bursting with umami. Just simple ingredients of olive oil and fresh herbs then popped into the wood-fired oven, simple superb. Whilst I loved the name of Mr Potato Head (Disney Pixar fan ^^), I found the pizza a little disappointing because I like my potatoes to be really overcooked so that it’s soft and fluffy in the center. Whereas I felt it was a little under-cooked for my liking since there was still quite a bit of crunch but the others seemed to pick Mr Potato Head over F1 as their preferred pizza.
mozzarella degustation
Mozzarella Degustazione Platter
This platter was happiness to me! I loved the creamy burrata and the smokey affumicata with their house-made pesto. There was prosciutto and mortadella, and that ciambotta e pesti (mixed zucchini, potatoes, onion, tomato and egg - goign to try replicate this at home!) is definite comfort food for me. Highly recommend this platter, especially if you’re dining with a group :)
woodfired panini
Panuozzo - lamb sausage *sorry didn’t quite catch the name $10
Panuozzo di porchetta - Wood-fired roast pork, smoked mozzarella, arugula, mayo, capsicum and onion relish $10
Absolutely loved the porchetta! If I was still at my old job in Yurong St Darlinghurst.. I would’ve been so happy to go for a 10 minute walk to get some delicious lunch :( 
Hehe what an interesting kind of sparkling spring water lol. I noticed that they have an outdoor dining area and a projector screening on the wall! Would be such a great atmosphere to hold Italian movie screenings with some wine, cheese, prosciutto, and more cheese ^^
Torta di riccotta alforno - Wood-fired sweet baked ricotta cheese cake $12
It was such a treat to have so much food that our reserved space for dessert was very minimal. Good thing we had about 3-4 people sharing otherwise we would not have been able to finish it! Even though it doesn’t beat Pasticceria Papa’s ricotta cheesecake, it was still delicious. I loved their ricotta and vanilla bean cream on the side.. may have had many spoonfuls.. not just from our plate haha. And those strawberries with basil and balsamic glaze are a real winner! Would get this again just for the strawberries and ricotta cream :D  

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