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new shanghai ashfieldNew Shanghai, Ashfield
Whenever I’m in the mood for a quick dumpling fix that’s close to home, I head to Sydney’s little Shanghai suburb, Ashfield. There are an abundant of authentic Chinese/Shanghainese restaurants each offering the traditional cold dishes and the most famously known xiao long bao. Whilst there are many choices, my family usually opts for either Taste of Shanghai or New Shanghai - they seem to have the most people and food is quite consistent. Funny cause they’re on opposite sides of the street! But ever since the refurbishment of New Shanghai, it has now become our preferred restaurant :) What a treat it was for Wasamedia and New Shanghai to organise this feast for us ^^
cold platter
Seasonal cold dishes: pork terrine, vegetarian soya bean roll, thousand layer pig ear, drunken chicken, salted duck, Shanghai-style deep fried fish soaked in herb, spice & dark soy sauce, beef in five special sauce, and sliced jelly fish mixed with cucumber
*I’m not entirely sure if this cold platter is usually available though I’m sure it can be requested.
Think of these traditional Shanghainese cold dishes as equivalent to an antipasto where you have your salami, olives etc. These are served cold and tend to be a little acidic in taste since summer in Shanghai is very humid. This was the first time I had tried a lot of these dishes, I’ve had the drunken chicken and jelly fish before and I really like those :) The pork terrine was very similar in taste to smoked ham hock which was delectable but the cold deep fried fish had me sitting on the fence. The most intriguing dish was the thousand layer pig ear with the congealed fat layers between the ears - textually challenging for some squealers on the table!    
pan fried pork buns

New Shanghai pan fried pork bun $8.80
Absolutely love these! Exact same flavoursome filling as their xiao long bao but with  a thicker dough encasing the soup and pork mince with a crispy bottom. Be careful not to eat this in one bite as the soup is quite hot! 
Herbal tea - Wong Lo Kat  $3.50
Despite being Chinese, this was the first time I had ever had this drink! A good friend of mine, Mr Barclay, is an avid fan so when I saw it on the menu I knew I had to order it. In Chinese medicine this herbal drink is good to detoxify and ‘cool’ the heat in the body. Mum actually makes this every now and then but not as sweet as the canned drink. 
Fried egg pancake wrap around fried dough $5.80
A little dry on it’s own but would be great to have a side dish/topping with congee! 
new shanghai ashfield
Cold dish: Shredded kelp mixed with spice & vinegar dressing $3.80
Boiled beef in hot and spicy sauce $16.80
Stir fried chicken with cashew nuts $13.80
Bean curd with mushroom and bok choy $9.80
Chinese bok choy in garlic sauce $9.80
Cold dish: Garlic cucumber $7.80
Shanghai spring roll $6.80
Oh my! If you can handle your spice, the hot and spicy sauce with have your mouth and tongues tingling! I’m not very spice tolerant and one small sip of the sauce was more than enough for me to handle haha. 
new shanghai
Deep fried prawn coated with salted duck yolk
Pork cooked twice in special sauce $12.80
Golden moreish prawn ‘nuggets’ are definitely a winner in my books especially if you like that crumbly and slightly oily salted duck yolk. It’s not for everyone and much like thousand year old egg, salted duck yolks are an acquired taste. The pork was tender and the sweet tangy vinegar sauce had a good balance of flavour. 
peking duck
Beijing duck $39.80
To our delight we devoured these peking duck pancakes in a flash - a smear of hoisin sauce (I like to think of it as the Chinese BBQ sauce), shallot shoot, and a julienne cucumber soldier. 
                 new shanghai
Steamed vegetarian dumpling $7
Braised pork belly
Stir fried bok choy with mushroom $9.80
new shanghai
Stir fried Chinese rice cake with shredded pork and vegetable $9.80
Stir fried beef and egg on rice 
Shredded pork and mushroom on fried crispy noodle $11.80
Chinese rice cakes are similar in texture to Korean rice cakes but rather than served in a tubular form, they’re sliced into little discs. I love that chewy somewhat glutinous mouthfeel and because they’re sliced, they have a silky smoothness that clings onto the sauce in the stir fry. Definitely recommend :)
new shanghai dessert
Fried ice-cream $5.80
Sweet white fungus and papaya $3.80
Red bean dough stick/pancake  
Not many were keen on trying the sweet white fungus with papaya, but I don’t blame them. I used to hate it as a kid when mum would make it! Thought it was the grossest dessert ever because the texture of the white/snow fungus is kinda slippery and slimey. Once you get over that factor, it’s actually a really pleasant dessert soup which grows on you :) Plus the snow fungus has a lot of health benefits like lowering cholesterol, boosting immune system, slowing the ageing process etc. 

New Shanghai
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