Single Origin Roasters, Surry Hills

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Coffee, doughnuts and a cigarette $10
Tunes from the 1940s playing from an old ‘radio’ (ipod attached to the back of the frame) sets the scene for the Crave Sydney mid-week special during October. Drawing inspiration from Edward Hopper’s Night Hawks, Single Origin Roasters - Surry Hills has re-created the classic American Noir setting with a cup of Joe, doughnuts and a guilt-free cigarette.      
single origins donuts
House-made doughnuts - cinnamon and paprika
Pour-over of Cafe Noir - custom blend
Boon chocolate cigarette 

For ten dollars this is quite a steal! Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of doughnuts but these were honestly the best I have ever had! Served piping hot, these golf-ball sized doughnuts had a liberal coating of sugar around the crisp surface of the moist and plush dough. I just loved how it was a light pastry and even though it was deep-fried, it didn’t leave an oily after-taste. Whilst I wasn’t loving the paprika doughnut as much as the classic cinnamon, the slight savoury taste was a better pairing with the coffee. Did you know that doughnuts were tossed out of ‘doughnut food trucks’ during WWI and WWII to American troops. Oh man I really hope they put the doughnuts on their cafe menu! Though my favourite part was the guilt-free cigarette which came out with these smoked wood-chips that smelt like tobacco! Such a novelty but it really helped set the scene :) plus I instantly felt quite hipster hehe.  
single origins surry hills

Piccolo latte and Latte forget pricing
During a previous visit on a lunch date with missklicious, we started with a coffee each as they’re well-known for their responsibly sourced and roasted beans. Even though I’m not a coffee aficionado, my piccolo had quite a robust flavour. All in all, they make good coffees lol. 
single origins surry hills food
Winter lunch: Fish supper - market fish, mushy peas, lemony potato crisps and herb sauce $15.50
Succulent fillets with textural mouth-feel of the pureed peas and crunchy crisps. Simple ingredients with all the flavours to make you go wow. 
single origins lunch
Winter lunch: Coffee-braised beef short rib w/ potato salad and beetroot horseradish salsa $16
This was a tad heavier but oh-so scrumptious! The coffee-braised short ribs had a nutty taste and was brushed over with a sticky glaze. The beetroot horseradish salsa gave that zing to cut through the richness of the beef and the creamy potato salad was an absolute treat. 
single origins burger
Spring lunch: Memory of a Bondi chicken burger c1997 $14
On a recent re-visit, the Bondi chicken burger made me wish I was right by the beach! Marinated Portuguese chicken with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a creamy tangy sauce which dripped down my hands as I ate but I think that’s essential for an ol’ school burger experience :)  
banana bread
Banana bread w/ espresso butter $5.50
This is a winning combination! Toasted banana bread with their house-made espresso butter is just divine :D 
guilt free cigarette single origins
Hehe guilt-free cigarette with smoke photoshopped ^^ learnt how to do that off the internet with my limited skills :D What do you guys think? 

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