Mad Cow - Merivale, Sydney CBD

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A cheerful and happy bunch of tulips on each table :)
Hidden down the back of the ivy bar which is part of the Merivale group is a glass panel sectioning the area with an alluring and ominous yellow glow coming from within. It’s often said that a good steak usually indicates a happy cow and Mad Cow, Sydney definitely exudes happiness all around with their bright yellow tulips. Which makes you imagine the cows in a luscious green meadow with lots of sunlight before their time is up.. lol  
mad cow merivale steak tartare
Signature beef tartare & shoestring fries $24 
My best bud and I were in the mood for beef so we started off and shared the steak tartare which was neatly presented. Some may be put off by raw beef but I love the mushy tender bite and the tartness and crunch of the capers. Having it topped off with a gooey egg yolk enhanced the creaminess :) Though the fries were a tad random? I love shoestring fries but I wasn’t quite sure how it fit in with the dish - maybe I was meant to dip the fries in the yolk like soldiers.

mad cow merivale steak
Rib eye on the bone (cape grim, yearling), grass fed, 400g $48
Wagyu flank steak, (david blackmore, 600 day ration fed, marble score 9+), 200g $52
Bearnaise - all sauces made in house
Side: Roasted mushrooms $10  
All steaks served with green salad and fries for the table
Doesn’t my flank steak resemble Tasmania? Haha. Wish I had taken a cross-section shot of my flank steak as it still had nice marbling even though it’s a leaner cut. The waitress explained that the difference between the wagyu skirt steak and the flank steak was the fat content and a flank steak tastes a bit meatier. Oh and with the flank, it’s best to slice against the grain otherwise it can be quite tough. Both of us had trouble finishing our steaks as I usually have about 150g at most.. 
mad cow merivale dessert
Vanilla lemon panna cotta, organic raspberries, pistachio biscotti $16
After feeling a bit guilty for not finishing our mains - does anyone else feel that way? Mum has it ingrained into me to feel guilt (thinking of the Africans who have no food -.-) when I have left-over food on my plate going to waste. Anyway, we decided to share the velvety-smooth panna cotta, but it was the organic raspberries which won me over! Look how large and perfect looking they are - and of course the best friend let me have the last one :) along with paying for the meal & cabcharge home! 

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Mad Cow
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