Sugar Hit 2012: Azuma

It’s that time of year again where belts are subtly unbuckled and Sydney is awash with patrons searching for a Sugar-y Hit. During the month of OctoberCrave Sydney International Food Festival encapsulates a month-long of food-related events from Hats off Dinners, WorkshopsNight Noodle Markets etc… and Sugar Hit for those with sweet tooth pangs. Every year the Sugar Hit I look forward to most is Azuma’s East meets West desserts so I was absolutely delighted to be invited to the preview tasting held at Azuma, Chifley Plaza.     
Kawaii Panna Cotta
Kawaii - meaning ‘cute’ or ‘adorable’ in Japanese.
Japanese style Panna cotta made from soy & cow’s milk, with Brown Sugar Jelly, Seasonal Fruit Face & Buckwheat Soba Noodle Hairstyle.
Such a kawaii face! Haha it’s so typical Japanese to put a face on food and make it look cutesy ^^” The panna cotta was so smooth and subtle in sweetness. I love how it was made with some soy milk as it brings out a nuttiness which works well with the Okinawa brown sugar jelly in the bottom of the glass. I’m told the fried buckwheat soba noodle ‘hairs’ are a popular Japanese snack and they taste addictingly similar to the outer crispy batter of a churro! 
azuma sugar hit
East meets West - Dessert Bento Box 
October 2012 Sugar Hit - Available nightly between 9-11PM, bookings essential $20pp 
Served with your choice of:
Azuma’s Special Blend Japanese Green Tea
Brown Brothers Cienna RossoA full sparkling wine which boasts a vibrant magenta red colour & a bubble that almost jumps out of the glass. Fresh raspberries & strawberries dominate the nose along with a distinct leafy note hinting at Cienna’s Cabernet parentage. It has a creamy palate with plenty of natural acidity & juicy flavours reminiscent of summer berries in a glass.

Highly recommend the green tea as it’s made from matcha powder and has a nutty flavour from the roasted rice. If you prefer something sweeter, the Cienna Rosso is described by Rita as “sparkling Ribena” and it smells like strawberry lollies ^^

Sake Sample - A sample of either Yuzu Nigori Sake, Nigori Sake or sweet Plum Wine
Each night will be different so I can’t guarantee which sake you’ll have with your dessert bento box. The Yuzu sake is my overall favourite as it has a citrus zing and a well-balanced sweetness. Whereas the plum wine is suited to those who prefer a sweeter flavour palate, and the nigori (means cloudy) sake has a melon undertone but I personally feel it’s more suited to a savoury dish.
azuma sugar hit 2012

Home-made Yuzu Sorbet w/ popping sparkles
I think it’s quite obvious from this post that I’m very fond of yuzu :) This was a delicious and refreshing sorbet which is probably best consumed first otherwise the pop-rocks may lose it’s effect! This one is definitely an entertaining crowd pleaser. 
azuma sugar hit 2012
Marble Gateaux Cookies - Homemade chocolate & vanilla marbled Gateaux cookies
The crumbly sugary cookies are meant to be consumed with your sake for the evening.  
Gateaux Chocolat w/ fresh cream, seasonal fruits & candied violet
It’s so hard to pick a favourite from the bento box but if I had to choose one, this would be it! This was the boy’s favourite as well ^^ It was like a rich and chocolaty brownie but it was as light as their chiffon cakes - just amazing. The candied violet made it even more special than it already was! It was fragrant but not overpowering and just paired well with the chocolate gateaux. 
torbreck woodcutters shiraz
*not part of Sugar Hit 
Torbreck - Barossa Valley 2011 Woodcutter’s Shiraz

Prior to our Sugar Hit dessert preview, we were served some savoury delights to counter the sugary buzz from the impending dessert :) This is one of my favourite full-bodied Barossa red wines and inexpensive too! It’s a dry red with sweetened ripe fruits and supple tannins. Azuma also has a Sommelier if you’re looking for advice and recommendations. 
                 azuma canapes
*not part of Sugar Hit 
Chicken meatballs w/ teriyaki sauce
Duck breast w/ sansho pepper and yuzu dressing

The meatballs had that same moreish taste you get from a hamburg steak or IKEA meatballs! It was so good, not sure if it’s on the menu but it would make a great burger pattie especially with the teriyaki sauce too :D Grilled duck breast paired superbly well with the tangy lemon-lime-like yuzu dressing.
azuma canape
*not part of Sugar Hit 
Aburi salmon nigiri

Tempura prawn inside-out maki
I love the texture of the individual grains of rice where it’s cooked ‘al dente’ haha - what’s the correct word for describing rice that’s just got enough bite without being too mushy? The aburi salmon belly was nicely scored so the sweet sauce clung to the sides and wasn’t too fatty in taste - highly recommend it. 
                 azuma sauv blanc
*not part of Sugar Hit 
Goodie bag:
Azuma’s Wine of Biodynamic Sauvignon Blanc 2009 - exclusive limited edition wine. Collaboration between Sergio Carlei and Kimitaka Azuma. Partially barrel fermented special parcels from Yarra Valley.
Very sweet of them to organise a goodie bag for each of us including our plus one’s :)

*News update: The Azuma eateries located within Regent Place will be shutting their doors soon and will be relocating somewhere else in Sydney CBD, though we weren’t told the exact location. But rest assured it will be somewhere convenient :) This affects: Azuma Kushiyaki, Ton Ton, and the ever-so popular Azuma Patisserie Cafe. Hence why this year’s Sugar Hit will be held at Azuma, Chifley Plaza

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When the world stops spinning attended this event courtesy of Azuma 

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