Hana Hana, Chinatown

hana hanaHana Hana, Chinatown
Recently opened on Thomas Street in Sydney Chinatown is this hidden underrated gem - Hana Hana - 5/209 Thomas Street, near Market City (thanks for recommending Mel). This new Sydney cheap eats is very similar to the popular Menya Mappen & Oiden where you select a main dish and add side dishes DIY style. Since it’s new and not many people know about it, there are no lines! Pricing is comparable to Mappen and there are a lot more choices but based on taste alone I prefer Mappen but that’s not to say the food here isn’t tasty! :)  
mentai ontama
Mentai ontama udon $5.90
Gooey egg yolk, slippery udon, tempura flakes, and my favourite mentaiko (Alaskan pollock roe) in a light broth. Just like the ‘fast food’ eateries in Japan, you order your dish from the touch-screen monitor and a ticket comes out of the machine. You then proceed to towards the ‘buffet/DIY train’ where you pile side dishes onto your tray. The bowls of noodles in my opinion are quite filling so keep in mind you can always go back to get more side dishes later! 
hana hana food

Japanese potato salad $2.00
Matcha milk tea $3.50
Black sesame milk tea $3.50
I adore Japanese potato salad because it’s sort of a half mash, half smash potato (it’s a textural thing) usually with corn kernels, cucumber, carrot, and bound by creamy mayonnaise :). Though I was a little disappointed as the mayonnaise didn’t have that punch of flavour like Kewpie mayo.. The milk teas are served cold and even though they’re most likely powdered mix with milk, it still tastes great. I preferred the matcha over the black sesame as I found the black sesame a little too sweet for me. The boy on the other-hand was more of a black sesame fan so it worked out well. 
hana hana chinatown
Tempura station & Salad station
The ‘buffet/DIY train’ where you slide your tray along the Tempura station tempting you with an array of deep fried goodies before you turn the corner into the Salad/Cold bar station. There are choices of onigiri, condiment sauces, seaweed salad, natto (fermented soy beans which are very healthy for you - I’m not a fan though, it’s an acquired taste), mochi etc. 
hana hana thomas st
Eel tempura $4.00 ea
Croquette $3.00 ea
Teriyaki chicken $4.00 ea
The selection changes frequently and there are interesting items like the scallop chrysanthemum tempura but we went with the generic picks which were good as well. Light crisp golden batter which didn’t taste oily though a little steep on pricing. I think it’s real smart that you have to go through and linger around the ‘buffet-DIY train’ before you get your main dish as you’ll most likely select a lot more food than you originally planned for! Plus it gives the kitchen more time to cook so you don’t feel like you’ve waited long for your meal. 
                  hana hana chinatown
Beef with soba $6.50
Had a bit of this and it was ok.. but I’m bias because I don’t like the taste of ginger and even though it was faint, I could still taste it :( but the boy enjoyed this - took one of his colleagues here for lunch the following day! 
hana hana chinatown menu
Hana Hana menu
Sorry I know the image is quite hard to see but you can right click to view it in another tab/window and ctrl+ to increase the size. Otherwise you can send me an email and I’ll email you a larger image that’s much clearer ^^ Oh and on your fifth visit, you get a free udon or soba bukkake which is just noodles in broth but then you can DIY your meal :)

Hana Hana, Chinatown
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