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ladureeLadurée box of 12 :) ♥
It’s such a wonderful feeling (even if it was for a split second) to open the front door into the house to be met with a huge grin across mummy’s face and her exclaiming - “My favourite!”. Me? No. She was referring to the iconic blue-green bag. No, not Tiffany’s! But Ladurée. Macarons flown all the way from Switzerland (I assume for quality control as they have stores all over the world and probably keeps better as it’s less humid etc.). Big shout out: Thank you to these two lovely ladies, thecreamymiddles & starloz, who went to Laduree - Sydney Westfield level 3, on the second day of opening and lined up for nearly 2hrs to get these dainty treats for me! Love you ♥
                 laduree macaron
Each macaron is $3.20
Wish I could tell you what the flavours were but I just asked for a mix box since I was stuck at work :( From what I can remember, the salted caramel was quite good but I would have preferred a little more salt on it as it leaned towards the sweeter scale. My favourite was the Ghana chocolate and there was a strawberry jam with marshmallow one which was pretty magical. In the box I think I had a green apple, pistachio, grape? .. sorry can’t remember from taste what else there was ^^” I found the flavours quite intense and some were a miss as I thought it was a bit floral and overwhelming which my sister described as “hand cream” lol. Overall, not sure I would wait in line for that long but I would go back in the future and I’m quite keen on their other products (chocolate blocks, teas, and cakes! when the come out of customs). They also have a cafe area which would be nice once the hype dies down to have afternoon tea there after a day of shopping :) 

My current list of favourite macaron patisseries in Sydney:
1. Cafe Cre Asion - the flavours here are more subtle but delicate
2. Laduree and Baroque
3. Adriano Zumbo
4. Lindt 

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