Bodega Tapas, Surry Hills

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Extravagant Friday lunches :)
From the award winning duo (Ben & Elvis - 2013 SMH Chef of the year!) who brought us Porteno, and their little brother, Bodega Tapas - Surry Hills,who’s trodding along in his footsteps and does not disappoint!   
bodegaBodega Tapas
It was by fate that I happened to stumble upon Bodega Tapas on Commonwealth St, Surry Hills. Luckily for me, it was a Friday which also happens to be the only day of the week with lunch service - and no lines! There’s a groovy kind of vibe with the salmon coloured tables and the sleek open kitchen bench-top. Wishing I had chosen to sit on the bench with the view but there’s always next time :) 
fish fingers bodega
Tapas: Fish fingers - Hiramasa, charred toast, cuttlefish, mojama $22
There were so many dishes I wanted to try on the menu but the fish fingers were a must! Whilst I was expecting crumbed rectangular fillets of fish.. like the ones you keep as an emergency stash in the freezer, instead I was met with Hiramasa sashimi on charred toast. Every bite was smack bang full of flavour though a little salty to what I’m used to. My favourite part was the delicately dice cuttlefish ceviche which was almost creamy and helped balance the savouriness. 

                  stuffed zucchini bodega
Surf, turf & veg: Stuffed zucchini w/ spelt, pumpkin, fetta, black olives $20
Always listen to the wait-staff’s recommendations and you will have a significantly lower chance of ordering something you won’t enjoy :) This is possibly the best vegetarian dish I have ever had! I loved the presentation and it was so filling! Good combination of texture and flavours. Oh so moreish!  

Would definitely come back with a couple others to enjoy more of their menu :) The desserts sound seriously addictive but one can only stomach so much for lunch! 

Bodega Tapas
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