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Pub grub can be a glorious and greasy affair. Whether you come alone or with a group of friends, you’ll find the atmosphere at Pub Life Kitchen, Surry Hills ever so welcoming. Located inside the Schwartz Hotel (formerly The Macquarie Hotel), you may need to clamber through the crowd in the pub and go up the stairs to Pub Life Kitchen
    pub life kitchen entree
Beer battered potato scallops w/ cheesy nap sauce $8 ♥ 
Garlic bread $5♥ 
We wanted to get one of everything on the Nibbles, particularly the bone marrow toast but they was a sold out among others :( The potato scallops brought about nostalgia and you can’t beat that cheesy nap sauce! The garlic bread is a steal at that price and I would’ve happily devoured the basket myself. It’s easy to see that Jovan Curic has kept just a touch of that Bill & Toni’s Italian influence - his father, a chef at Bill & Toni’s (instagram: vxdollface)since 1985. 
Cheesy polenta chips w/ jalapeno mayo $8
Salt ‘N’ Pepper squid w/ homemade aioli and lemon $14 
Soldiers of cheesy polenta chips are incredibly fluffy inside and it seems to be a hit and miss for some who haven’t tried polenta before. The jalapeno mayo has a strong and spicy kick so don’t make the same mistake I did and dunk a glob on it ^^” The squid was well-seasoned and was a treat with a swig of the Sydney Cider.  
    pub life kitchen surry hills
Chicken burger - Fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayo $15
The O.G. - House ground beef pattie, caramelised onion, tomato, lettuce, smoked cheese, and homemade aioli $15
Didn’t try these but I got the thumbs-up-elbows-out chomps of approval. I like how they’ve kept the traditional soft sesame seed burger bun (they steam them) rather than trying to make it fancy. It brings the focus back to the inside fillings of the burger and it’s a good ratio of bun to filling.  

               pub life kitchen cheeseburger
Cheeseburger - House pattie, smoked cheese x 2, pickles, onion, mustard, and homemade tomato sauce $15 ♥♥♥
This should be renamed to ‘Please take my money' because it was just that good! I had a heads up from Chocolatesuze that the Cheeseburger already comes with two slices of cheese :D Two glorious slices of American Cheese. I cannot stress how big a difference the cheese can make or break a burger! Plus their homemade tomato sauce is absolute tops! Can it get any better??? This for me is the ultimate Cheeseburger! If you come on Wednesday nights, each week they have a different burger meal which always sounds awesome. But don’t despair if you come any other day because the Cheeseburger will keep you satisfied :) 
    pub life kitchen specials
Wagyu beef spaghetti bolognese $16
300g grain fed rump w/ fries, salad and pepper sauce $18
Fries w/ homemade tomato sauce $6 
Soup of the day: Pumpkin and lentil
               sydney cider
Sydney Cider (Schwartz) $6 
Not as sweet compared to Rekorderlig so it retains that beer-flavour? Either way, very easy to drink and perfect to have with pub grub :)
Banana Spilt $12♥♥
Brownie Sundae $12♥♥
Honestly I can’t decide which of the two I prefer! Whilst the Banana Split had no fresh bananas, it was still damn scrumptious ^^ It was a banana ‘ice cream’ base and I have it in quotations because it was blended banana and ice, a vegan ice cream :) Slabs of delicious toasted banana bread, morello cherries (though I personally am not too fond of), and sprinkled with banana chips. The Brownie Sundae on the other-hand had no ice cream :( but the whipped cream helped tone the sweetness from the warm & gooey chocolate brownies, crumbly honeycomb, fresh strawberries, peanut brittle, and BUTTERSCOTCH DRIZZLED ALL OVER! It was the brownies and butterscotch sauce which won me over :’D  
                black star pastry
Black Star Pastry - Strawberry watermelon cake
Only had one of each of the desserts to share since we had cake (they don’t charge cakeage!).
    pub life kitchen
Pub Life Kitchen surrounds. hehe back-shot of Chocolatesuze, Penguin Says Feed Me & Sir D, and Here Comes The Food :)
We were given a semi-private room for our group of nine and they even supplied us with speakers so we could pump out our own tunes :) Forgot to take a photo of the room though but it’s just two long tables, can fit about 20 people or so. They also take reservations.  

*From their Facebook PageLoyal patrons and burger lovers. Its with some dissapointment i inform you that we will be ceasing trade at our current location due to differences with the pub. Our last service will be Sat 22nd Sept. Stay tuned to our facebook to follow developments and rellocation. We really appreciate the continued support and will be in a new spot soon!!! xxplk  

Pub Life Kitchen
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