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mr wong peking duck
Mr Wong in the kitchen
Apart from all the pizzazz of Dan Hong’s latest Merivale restaurant venture, Mr Wong - Sydney, there are two reasons to come back and fall in love all over again. The Peking duck - I daresay may be the best in Sydney, and the unconventional fried dim sums which has me licking my lips! Whilst it’s not your traditional Chinese/Cantonese restaurant, this has my ABC (Australian Born Chinese/’Banana’ - yes I’m the type who finds comfort in sweet & sour pork at a typical Chinese restaurant lol) taste buds leaping for joy ^^ Many months prior to the opening there was a bit of chatter on twitter for the opening of Mr Wong. So after all that anticipation and the official opening was announced, I booked a table for opening night with a few girl friends.    
mr wong cocktails
Cocktails (C) & Mocktails (M)  
Pink grapefruit and aloe vera sour - Honey & aloe vera tea jam, pink grapefruit juice, lemon juice, fresh ginger, Peychaud’s bitters $9.5 (M)  
Pomegranate and green tea lemonade - Green tea, pomegranate syrup, cherry bitters, lime juice, lemonade, tapioca pearls and fresh mint $9.5 (M)  
09. Hebei Province - Sake, strawberry liqueur, pomegranate syrup, lemon juice, fresh basil and strawberries $16 (C)
08. Shandong Province - Plymouth gin, apple liqueur, lemon juice, sugar syrup, apple juice, champagne & wasabi foam $17 (C)
02. Shaanxi Province - Shochu, mandarin liqueur, lemon juice, fresh nashi pear, cardamom, grapefruit bitters $16 (C) 
Overall, the cocktails are a delight but it’s the mocktails which are full of excitement - kids and adults will be in for a joyful treat :)
mr wong dim sim
Entree: Deep-fried Dim Sum Platter - Crispy beef roll, Lobster Mei Si roll, Pear taro croquette, Foie gras prawn toast $32 8pcs 
*This platter is offered at dinner only but can be ordered individually for lunch

Not your typical yum cha dim sums but what the heck, they taste so much better without that lingering oily after-taste with some yum cha dim sums.. heh and they say we can’t get enough of deep fried foods - moderation is the key! Anyway I digress, funnily enough everything on this platter oozes Dan Hong! It reminded me of some of the dishes at Ms G’s and the one-off Milk Bar Memories degustation earlier this year. Either way, each bite is moreish leaving me to fight for the last piece of the crispy beef roll without forgetting to wrap the lettuce to feign healthiness.    
Entree: Alaskan snow crab, chrysanthemum leaves, nashi pear and ginger $19
The salad is refreshing and the ginger adds that little bit of zing, though my favourite is the sweet nashi pear giving the salad a depth of texture. I am not terribly fond of ginger, even at yum cha when I get tofu-fa, if they have ginger pieces in the syrup, I eat it sans syrup. But surprisingly I actually didn’t mind the ginger in this salad - did you hear that mum (she reads my blog occassionally lol, hi mum)! She’s always trying to coerce me into eating things with/infused with any form of ginger -.- It’s meant to be very healthy according to Chinese Medicine.
mr wong peking duckEntree: Peking duck pancakes - Half (8 pancakes) $45 ♥♥ 
The star dish. Our waiter, Daniel, tells us it’s the signature must-have dish so we oblige :) Tender pieces of duck meat, crispy skin with most the fat rendered off, soldiers of cucumber without that jelly-like seed center, shallots, and hoisin sauce on a thin steamed pancake sheet. Blissful bites. It really irks me when the pancake sheets are too thick or they’re dry from being microwaved rather than steamed, but they get the thumbs up from me here! 
mr wong braised pork bellyMeat: Red braised pork belly with fresh apple salad $27
Mouthfuls of gelatinous pork belly in a tangy and caramelised red vinegar sauce topped with slivers of green apple. I think it needed just a little bit more time in the cooking process in order for the sauce to be soaked up by the pork belly, but the pairing with an apple salad goes beautifully.
mr wong mapo tofuMeat: “Mapo tofu”– stir fried pork mince with chilli and Sichuan pepper served on freshly steamed soy milk custard $24 ♥
Steph was adamant about getting the Mapo tofu even though most of us weren’t chilli fans but it’s surprisingly tolerable though I wouldn’t call it mild haha. I scooped off a lot of the mince and sauce since I can’t handle very much chilli but the soy milk custard was divine! Smooth, silky, and light.
Tofu & vegetables: Sichuan style eggplant, dark soy and chilli $18 ♥
Huge fan of eggplants so this was a winning dish. Once again it’s not mild chilli but it’s tolerable.. but there’s a numbing sensation after the first couple bites and then you get used to it. I would recommend having this with rice :)
Rice & noodles: Mr. Wong’s special fried rice with pork and prawn (without pork/prawns or vegetarian available) Small $18 - we opted for vegetarianmr wong dessert Dessert: (no complimentary fruit platter or sweet soup unlike Chinese restaurants though you can order a fruit platter but I urge you to get these other desserts instead!)
Mr. Wong’s deep fried ice cream served with butter scotch sauce, vanilla or chocolate $14
Roast white chocolate ice cream, yuzu curd, longans, and raspberries $14
Green apple ice, osmanthus jelly, water chestnuts and coconut sorbet $14 
Strawberries, meringue, macadamia praline, cream cheese ice cream and Thai basil $14 ♥♥
As we all know, Dan Hong is infamous for his desserts and these don’t disappoint at all. Even though I’m an ABC, I’ve never been a fan of deep-fried ice cream :/ it always left my mouth with that icky oily after-taste. The deep-fried ice cream here is the best I’ve tried but the other three desserts would be my pick. The green apple ice reminded me of Patbingsoo, a Korean shaved-ice dessert which is a favourite of mine during Summer :)  
mr wong cocktail listCocktail & Mocktail menu (not on the website) :)

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