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Lab coat - check, conical flasks - check, liquid nitrogen - check, Kitchenaid - check. Kitchenaid??
Whilst this appears to be your typical science lab, it is actually the latest craze to hit Sydney Chinatown! I have long been fascinated by all those cooking shows and restaurants where liquid nitrogen is used to quick-freeze icecream, vichyssoise etc. My first experience of having liquid nitrogen infused into my meal was at my very first degustation over a decade ago at Sean Connolloy’s Astral Dining (was in Star City many years ago). I still remember it quite fondly as we were served Earl Grey tea gelato as a palate cleanser and the liquid nitrogen was flowing out of the glass - hard to explain but it was absolutely amazing! Here at N2 Extreme Gelato, Chinatown, the charismatic ‘mad’ scientist Min Chuan is whipping up delicious frozen concoctions with theatrics showcasing the magic of N2, liquid nitrogen :D  

Menu - changes daily depending on ingredients, no preservatives!
Two gigantic tanks of N2! - The wow factor ^^

If you’re looking to beat the queue, lunchtimes seem to be the best time to pop-in.
When I went there were jazzy tunes in the background with classics like Frank Sinatra which is totally what I dig! But Min Chuan tells me that’s his work music and at night time he’s pumping RnB, hip hop etc for an upbeat dessert bar vibe - which is still cool by me :)
Seating areas 
I originally thought we were meant to sniff the hoses because they had tags on them like: “Gorgonzola”, “Rose + coconut. Mango Milk”, and “Salmon, lemon and dill”.. haha I’m such an idiot .. but I thought that there was N2 inside the jars and the scents were being projected through the hoses - you know, like sniffing flavoured oxygen. Have you guys ever done that before? I went to an oxygen bar in San Francisco once lol and I sniffed flavoured oxygen.. Anyway, they’re actually new flavours that we can vote for! So when you make a purchase, you get a clear marble and you put it into the hose and the one with the most marbles at the end of the week will be put on the menu :) Except the hoses he got were too small so the marbles got stuck, he said he was getting new hoses soon though! 
    n2 gelato
My ever-so delicious boysenberry cheesecake!
I told him to surprise me since I couldn’t decide :) I was asked a few questions to determine my palate like if I prefer something rich or light etc. This was creamy and tangy made with real berries :D Quite like froyo in taste actually. 

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