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Go down the escalators in Regent Place where ‘X' marks the spot to that oh so sweet drinking hole, Assembly Bar - Sydney CBD. Small bars are all the rage and it’s no different here. The great thing about Assembly Bar is that they’re open from midday so you can always pop-in/out (‘outdoor’ seating area) for lunch and have a sneaky cocktail! 
assembly bar cocktails
Gin & tonic (sorry forget the price)
Citroen Sour
- Created by Robb Sloan, Brand Ambassador of the Year for Diagio Reserve Brands for Assembly $18  
5 parts Ketel One Citroen + 2 1/2 parts fresh lemon juice + lemon curd + 1/2 passionfruit + dash of orange bitter + shaken & strained + rocks glass + lemon twist
After Darkness - A delightful drink made with Scottish gin which is distilled with rose and cucumber. Shaken with delicate rosewater and softly strained onto a rock of ice imprisoning a rose petal, because everyone deserves flowers every day $18  
5 parts Hendricks Gin + 1 1/2 parts lemon juice + dash of rose water + egg white + shaken & strained + rocks glass
For Shizzle My Treacle - Jamaican rum and cinnamon, white chocolate and pear. Flavours that complement each other so well it’s criminal. Cause we’re gangsta’ like that $19 
5 parts Appleton Rum + dash of Angostura + 2 1/2 parts pear puree + white chocolate foam + topped with cinnamon powder + rocks glass + chipped ice
Sorry the pictures are not the best representation as most were sipped before I took photos.. wasn’t going to at first since it was so dark, hence the partly drunken shots ^^” But you wouldn’t want to leave your cocktail for long because they go down very easily, and each with their own little twist. I love how they’ve included the recipe in the menu as well so you can try to reproduce it at home cause alcohol aint cheap! But if it’s too much fuss, pop in to the ever-so welcoming Assembly Bar :) If you’re a fan of sour things, the Citroen Sour is brilliant! So far I haven’t had a cocktail/beverage here that I haven’t liked. 
         assembly bar
The food comes up and down via a dumbwaiter which is actually pretty amusing to watch, especially after a few drinks :) 
assembly bar food
Assembly Fries - Fries, cheese & truffle sauce $8  
Addictive and crunchy fries with fluffy potato innards. The cheese & truffle sauce is quite creamy though the truffle is mild but still a satisfying accompaniment to the fries which are the true stars of the dish. 
Calamari Fritti - Calamari fritti, salt, pepper, eschallots, garlic, and dash of chilli $12
Strips of curled calamari coated in a light batter and mildly seasoned. Even with the squeeze of lemon juice I felt like it needed a little more acidity.
Pork Belly Sliders - Pork belly, spicy sofrito, pickled red cabbage, 3xmini brioche buns $14
I wanted to love these but the dominant ginger juice taste was just too much for me and a few others felt the same way too. I think the ginger taste was from the pickled cabbage or sofrito which tasted like it was soaked in ginger juice, like the raw spicy taste - does that make sense? Otherwise nice buttery buns and tender pork belly but the taste was just overridden by the ginger ><
Crispy Pre-School Prawns - Baby school prawns fried and salted w/ aioli $13  
Perfect bite size baby school prawns which were seriously addictive and well-seasoned. Both these and the fries were crunchy and just a scrumptious accompaniment to nibble on whilst chugging a beer/cider. 

assembly bar sydney
View of the second level which also doubles up as a private function area
*Ladies: Be careful when walking up the spiral staircase if you’re wearing heels cause they might get stuck in the little holes!
                   assembly bar regent place
'Outdoor' seating area equipped with picnic tables and picturesque lush greenery :) just downstairs from Ton Ton ramen and Azuma Kushiyaki

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