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Located in the precincts of The Darling, Sokyo - The Star is acclaimed Chef Chase Kojima’s take on the traditional Kaiseki style dining with a contemporary fusion. Dishes are small in size but the emphasis is on the minute details of each element much like a degustation serving. The concept of dining is shared eating sort of like tapas so you can enjoy as much of the menu possible, and best consumed with sake or their addictive cocktails. No worries if you’re dining alone as you can sit by the sashimi bar and ogle over the naked fish flesh being skilfully handled by the knife blade.
cocktails sokyo
Apani sparkling mineral water (sorry forget the price)
Sokyo Iced Tea - Tanqueray Gin, Junmai sake, apple and brewed jasmine tea served tall $17 ♥♥♥
One of the best cocktails I have had in a while! Beautiful floral fragrance with some sweetness from the apple and Junmai sake leaving a smooth and refreshing after-taste. I may have had more than one of this ^^” 
moreton bay bug sokyo
Sashimi: Moreton Bay Bug - Burnt butter mayo, passion fruit jelly, Vegemite croutons $26
The signature dish. This was the boy’s favourite of the night! Plump Moreton Bay Bug sashimi lined up delicately with a sprinkling of the Vegemite croutons. Whilst I couldn’t quite taste the Vegemite, I loved how crunchy they were which was a textural delight. Strangely enough it’s the little cubes of passion fruit jelly which wins me over as they were intensely flavoursome and provided the acidity to make the sashimi shine. 

      asparagus tempura
Tempura: Asparagus - Truffle poke sauce, edamame dip $11
Whilst I love my asparagus, this dish was a tad disappointing. The tempura asparagus didn’t have the crunch in the tempura that I was hoping for, I would have preferred having blanched asparagus instead. The edamame dip had a hint of truffle and was very addictive! Would have been perfect with fries.. if only the tempura had that same crunch factor!
tuna belly
Sushi rolls: Queensland Roll - Spanner crab, spicy avocado, soy paper $21
Nigiri (4 pieces): Ooma Maguro Toro - Premium tuna belly, blended wasabi, tamari dark soy $59 ♥♥♥
Lots of crab meat in the roll with a very thin layer of rice wrapped together by a sheet of white soy paper. In my first bite I found a little round inedible ball/seed :( I bit into it and it was bitter -.- I feared it may have been the crab eyeball or hopefully a papaya seed.. ANYHOW, we let our waitress know, she took it back to the kitchen and came back to apologise profusely offering a re-make of the dish and removing it from our bill - good service. Despite my little misfortune, I would order this dish again. The main reason I would go back to Sokyo is for the Ooma Maguro Toro which is premium Bluefin tuna belly, the fattiest and most prized part of the fish, a true delicacy. The boy found it a little rich for his liking but if you like the smoothness of butter that melts in your mouth, get the Ooma Maguro Toro. Of all the Japanese restaurants I’ve been to in Sydney, Yoshii - The Rocks is the only place I love to go to for sashimi/nigiri but the Ooma Maguro Toro at Sokyo is the best I have eaten! A good night for me would involve a Sokyo Iced Tea, copious amounts of Ooma Maguro Toro and finished off with the Sokyo “Mochi ice cream” - well worth the money & I would be an extremely happy girl!
toro sushi
Rolls: Fatty Tuna Shallots $18 ♥♥
We were quite full by this stage but wanted one more sushi style dish to share before dessert but we couldn’t decide between the Tempura Roll (prawn, cuttlefish tartar, squid ink tempura, shrimp oil - $19) or the Fatty Tuna Shallots roll so we told our waitress to surprise us :) This was the same tuna as the Ooma Maguro but less than half the price ^^ either way I was very pleased. The boy preferred this over the nigiri as the shallots cut through the richness. This was also served with the Tamari dark soy which had a lovely aroma which you could smell from table and seating difference, a good quality soy sauce.
mochi strawberry sokyo
Dessert: Sokyo “Mochi Ice Cream” - Yatsuhashi kyoto mochi, frozen strawberry milk shake $9 ♥♥♥
I love eating mochi and it’s even better if there’s ice cream in the center! This was the only dessert which I really wanted to get, mainly because of the frozen strawberry milk shake which was like the passion fruit jelly as the flavours were intense :D We were surprised to see that it didn’t come in the traditional mochi ball form but this would be much quicker to do. Thin sheets of chewy mochi and the most delicious frozen strawberry milk shake - I could’ve eaten many plates of this! To top it off, I had a 20% off dining card which I got from a previous event when I dined at Black by Ezard - The Star ^^

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