Cantina Mobil - Food Truck, Sydney

surry hills
Snap-shot of Surry Hills Garage Sale Trail 2012
Surry Hills being all lively with beautiful rays of sunshine, these two talented guys (forget their names ><) with amazing voices rockin’ a ukelele filling the surrounds with old school tunes like "Pretty Woman" - can usually be found at Paddington Markets, foosball, makeshift seats using milk carton crates, photographers of all kinds professional/media and self-proclaimed artistes, and delicious Mexican feed from the Cantina Mobil food truck! 
cantina mobil
Cantina Mobil
This was earlier in May when this Mexican meals on wheels first rolled out which my sister and I happened to stumble upon during the Garage Sale Trail. See if you can spot her, she’s the one in denim high-waisted shorts and a blouse! She graciously took off her grey knit sweater since we didn’t want to look ridiculous lol.. somehow we coincidentally wore very similar outfits O_O #sistertelepathy
cantina mobil menu
Sorry I know it’s not the best photo of the menu.
                         achiote chicken
Achiote Chicken Burrito - pinto beans, lettuce, sour cream, chilli con queso, and tomato salsa in a soft flour tortilla filled with Achiote Chicken. Marinated & slow-cooked chicken with green jalapeno chilli sauce with coriander $9.50
Neither of us were terribly hungry since we just had lunch at Reuben Hills - Surry Hills, so we agreed on sharing an Achiote chicken burrito since it was the first of the food trucks to be on the road. Strong flavours and I love the chilli con queso which is sort of like melty chilli cheese! We should’ve ordered a taco cause they were flying out the truck! Though I guess it was worth the 15min wait as it was the first ‘day of service’ so I’m sure the wait isn’t nearly that long if you check them out now :)

Follow their twitter account @CantinaMobil or @Sydneyfoodtruck to track where all the food trucks are serving hungry customers!
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