Flying Fish, Pyrmont

                         flying fish canape
Complimentary house-made sumac grissini with nori and smoked salmon mousse ♥♥
This year for mum’s birthday, she requested to have dinner at home cooked by my brother and I.. namely myself since she was feeling a little under the weather. We made her a truffled snapper pie, rosemary & olive bread, salad, and a Bombe Alaska cake (inspired by Onebitemore)! But a birthday isn’t complete without a meal at a nice restaurant :) Each year at Taste of Sydney, we always get a dish from the Flying Fish stand and it has always been mum’s highlight of the event so this was a perfect opportunity dine Flying Fish, Pyrmont. Oh and I booked through FullSociety so I was able to get 20% off the total bill ^^ I like how it’s automatically added to the bill so there’s no messy/embarrassing business of printing out a voucher.
Mocktail: Penny Lane - Fresh strawberries and lime with a touch of sugar poured long with cranberry juice $11
Bespoke Cocktail: Chamomile High Tea - Hendricks gin, Poire William, apple juice with a Chamomile syrup and Peychands bitters $19 ♥♥
The only thing that irked me about the cocktail was the dried Chamomile flower-buds which looked like insects -.- would be nicer if the cocktail came with a real Chamomile flower!
claire de lune oysters
Oysters: Claire de Lune, South Coast NSW $4.50 each
All oysters are from “A” Grade waters, opened to order. Served natural with white soy, mirin & lime
The oysters were freshly shucked and I can confirm that since we had a great view of the oyster bar from our table :) I noticed that after shucking, the chef would sniff the oyster to check that it was acceptable to serve. The oysters were briny and plump with a touch of sweet and sour acidity from the dressing.

                 scampi flying fish
Entree: White soy torched scampi, seared scallop, sushi rice, green shallot, shiso leaf $32 ♥♥
The best way to describe this is like a deconstructed sushi roll and I loved being able to taste each element of the dish. The flavours are light and this dish is all about texture in which each element shines in their own way. This was our favourite entree of the three we tried, I would get this again :)
yellow fin tuna flying fish
Entree: Seared yellow fin tuna with ruby red grapefruit, sweet crackling pork & black pepper caramel $33
Of course the signature dish of Flying Fish had to be ordered and it did not disappoint. A strip of crackling pork on a bed of yellow fin tuna that had a silken texture and fresh grapefruit providing the dish with the acidity it needed. Lots of bold flavours in the dish but mum and I found it veered a little on the sweet side but my brother loved it.
                 flying fish entree
Entree: Hawkesbury river calamari, roma beans, pine nuts, parsley, squid ink $29
One of mum’s favourite things to eat is squid ink, not on it’s own but when added/infused with dishes. The squid ink is added sparingly compared to what I thought from reading the menu but despite that, it was still a great dish. I liked how the calarmari was evenly scored as it helped the sauce cling to the succulent flesh. My favourite were the toasted pine nuts :)
Main: Chatham Island Hapuka, smoked potato purée, shellfish bisque, caramelised fennel $42
A few days prior to dinner, I saw this on my twitter feed : WA truffles on the menu , My advice pick the Chatham Island hapuka w’ nettle butter & have it covered in black gold !!” and was sold on the dish. However on the night, there was no mention of truffles to my dismay but still enjoyable.
flying fish main
Main: Cone bay barramundi, chorizo, black garlic, pearl barley, lemon juice $42
Dad was happy with the extra crispy skin on the succulent barramundi, it was a definite crowd pleaser. Little grains of pearl barley, crunchy radish slices, nubbins of black garlic and pan fried chorizo cubes wallowing in a lemony sauce. Black garlic is kind of like fermented black bean, it’s a bit soft and has a molasses-like taste with undertones of garlic without the pungent odour so you don’t need to worry about getting garlic breath :) 
snapper flying fish
Main: Line caught snapper, white Sri Lankan curry sauce, king prawn, parsley mallum, date & tamarind $43 ♥♥
Mum always has a knack for being able to pick the best dishes on the menu! Whenever we go out to eat, mum’s entrees/mains are always the favourite of everything we order. This was no different. In previous posts I’ve expressed my disdain for cumin and it makes me shudder when I taste it in my food but I couldn’t taste it at all the curry! We were all quite intrigued by white curry as I’ve never seen that offered anywhere else! It’s absolutely delicious and kind of similar to Thai curry. It was mild and creamy, a great comforting meal which came with a side of rice and extra curry sauce. This dish is a must order! 
flying fish steak
Main: Cape grim eye fillet, sweet & sour glazed short rib, crisp shallot, ginger, mint $43
Since my sister isn’t a fan of seafood, it was no surprise that she ordered the eye fillet. Cooked perfectly and paired with an Asian inspired salad.
warrigal saltbush
Special side dish: Saltbush & warrigal, hazelnuts, lemon & garlic $10
Since it was a chilly night, instead of ordering a salad we went with one of the warm special side dishes of the night. Saltbush and warrigal greens taste similar to spinach with natural saltiness which was mellowed by the lemon juice and toasted hazelnuts.
dessert flying fish
Dessert: Dessert Tasting Plate $28
Ricotta Dumplings with cinnamon crunch and apple ice cream $19
Perfect winter dessert! Hot little ‘donuts’ with a fluffy interior and a creamy apple ice cream ^^ it was just like eating a delicious apple pie.
chocolate beetroot cake
Banana mousse with coconut, puffed rice and honey malt ice cream
Valrhona ganache with beetroot sponge and mandarin ice cream
From the dessert platter, I loved the banana mousse! Strong banana flavours without tasting artificial with puffed rice, honeycomb and honey malt ice cream, the way breakfast should taste :) The chocolate and beetroot sponge was a bit of a miss for us but the mandarin ice cream was such a delight to eat! Just like the banana mousse, the mandarin ice cream was very strong in flavour minus the artificial taste.
Lemon souffle with cream and citrus honey syrup
If you like sour things, this is the dessert for you! Thankfully my brother, sister and I love to eat sour things ^^ Airy lemon souffle with a quenelle of thickened cream which slowly melted into the center of the souffle. The citrus honey syrup was mum’s favourite, it tasted like kumquats with a bit of sweet, sour and saltiness to it - a bit like salted caramel.
flying fish kitchen
Open kitchen to see all the action :) A waiter asked if I wanted to re-take the shot with them posing but I was too shy to agree so I said it was fine ^^” didn’t want to disturb them cooking.
flying fish pyrmont
Beautiful view
Shot as we were walking to get the car from valet parking $25.

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