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bar h
House-made mint tea$forget the price ><
Word travels fast and many have been talking about Hamish Ingham’s little establishment in Surry Hills, Bar H (opposite Cafe Ish). To sum it up, it’s Asian food with well-balanced fresh flavours and a twist of modern flair - something an ABC (Australian born Chinese) or Banana welcomes with open arms ^^. When my girl friend Miss J said she wanted to go somewhere quirky and wasn’t fine dining, I suggested Bar H as I was keen after reading all the good reviews.
Crispy prawn & fish wontons w/ sweet chilli sauce $4.50 each
Fried wontons in my household are reserved as a celebration treat like Chinese New Year because mum doesn’t like to use too much oil in her cooking. Nice and crunchy and generously filled with minced fish (sort of like the fish balls when you have hotpot) and diced prawns.
pork bun
Steamed pork bun ♥ $6.50 each

I had really high anticipations for this bun and whilst it’s not like the pork buns at yum cha, this rendition was delicious. It’s kind of DIY where you put the mint, coriander and chilli into the bun or you can choose to leave it out (I left the chilli out since I can’t take chilli well). The only thing that could improve this bun is the actual bun itself, the dough was overworked and not fluffy like the yum cha ones.
S.A calamari w/ persimmon & pork salad$21.00
Juicy, lightly caramelised persimmon slices with thin rings of calamari and pork belly. Definitely a winner salad though I would have liked a little more green in the dish but either way a beautifully executed salad.
Half roast duck w/ red braised soybeans & star anise$40.00
Perfectly roasted duck with tender meat and ever so flavoursome. We also ordered a bowl of rice to share (it’s a pretty big bowl!) to soak up the sauce. I really liked the braised peppers or chillies? which had no spice and tasted similar to eggplant. I would order this again but I think it’s best shared between at least three people.
Daily changing house-made sorbets: Cucumber and Mandarin ♥♥ $5 per scoop
The cucumber was an extremely refreshing palate cleanser though it was a little odd at first since it was like biting into a soft cucumber - hard to explain lol. Though my favourite of the two had to be the mandarin! True to it’s flavour and did not taste artificially sweet :)
chocolate licorice
Chocolate, quince & licorice $forget the price ><
We were actually eying the nashi pear tart tartin w/ goats curd sorbet but it had been sold out that night :( I love the taste of nashi pears because they have the subtle sweetness and fragrance of pears but crunchy like an apple, very popular in Asia. Must go back to try it! Anyway, even though neither of us like licorice, we settled on this dessert (recommended by our wonderful waiter) and we were surprisingly pleased with the flavours. Even if you’re not terribly fond of licorice, the sorbet is light in the herbal taste and mellowed out with sweetness of the poached quince. Also, who knew that licorice sorbet could complement chocolate cake so well!

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