Concrete Blonde, Kings Cross

Isn’t he sweet ^^” ♥ I love you baby! ♥
This is a delayed post from February where the boy and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary with dinner at Concrete Blonde, King Cross. The interior decor is so chic and modern! I especially love the fireplace! I took a few photos of the restaurant but they didn’t turn out so nice on my camera.. The area where the restaurant is situated has an Italian-style (similar to the Italian Forum, Leichardt) to it in that it’s underneath a residential area and tucked behind trees so you can’t see the street when seated. 
Chicken liver parfait - Chamomile & honey jelly, apricot chutney w/ toasted brioche $18.00 ♥♥         
Rich, silky and smooth chicken liver parfait smothered on the warm toasted buttery brioche which was evermore indulgent with the sweetness of the apricot chutney. The chamomile and honey jelly is subtle but it’s enough to mask the offal taste of liver. This is possibly the best liver parfait I have ever had, so good that I only let the boy have a couple bites before I gave him puppy dog eyes so he would give me the rest of brioche he was holding :)
pork belly
Slow roast pork belly - Apple & lime puree, celery & mint salad, apple cider vinaigrette $18.00 ♥                          
Crackling, a perfect three to one ratio of meat to fat layers and a simple drizzle of tangy apple cider sauce. 
Sides (large servings, best shared between min. 4ppl):
Chargrilled Zucchini -
Roast Garlic, Mint, Pine Nuts, Parmesan $9.00
Shoestring fries $9.00
*The boy taking photos of his food.. hehe I think I’m starting to influence him
Me: ooh fries! shoestring too!
The Boy: Did you want to get fries?
Me: hmm.. ye-nahh 
The Boy: We’ll get them cause I know you want them and it’s a special occasion
Me: Ok! But I guess we should balance it out with the chargrilled zucchini cause it sounds healthy :)
I can be quite conflicted when it comes to fries. I always want them but in the back of my mind I always think of the car scene from the movie Freaky Friday where Jamie Lee Curtis tells Lindsay Lohan not to eat junkfood/fries because it’ll go straight to her thighs.  

Chargrilled Gold Coast tiger prawns - Angel hair pasta, sauce vierge $36.00
I love angel hair pasta! It’s similar to spaghetti but skinny :) This was a really light dish in terms of flavouring which was perfect since it was a humid summer’s day.  I really liked how it was simple but still had enough oomph from the olive oil, tart juices from the heirloom cherry tomatoes, and garlic tossed through the pasta which paired well with the de-shelled prawns. Though I thought the serving size could have easily been shared between two.
Pan roasted pink snapper - Sweetcorn puree, spanner crab, kipfler potato, green beans blackbean vinaigrette $36.00
Toasted coconut panna cotta - Shaved pineapple & lime salad $15.00
Hot Chocolate - Valrhona Cocoa > 55% $5.00
We were going to leave without ordering dessert since I was so full but our waiter persuaded us to share the panna cotta. Whilst the panna cotta was smooth and had a lovely toasted coconut aroma, the hero of the dessert was the refreshing pineapple and lime sorbet! 

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