Copo Cafe & Diner, Drummoyne

Skim cappuccino *forgot the price
Whenever I pick a place to dine, I tend to ‘research’ and would have already chosen what I want to eat from looking at the online menu ahead of time. But then there are times where I choose randomly, hoping that the food will be good and do my research when I blog. Batman is a busy man and for him, the phrase "time is money" really applies to his life. Despite how busy he is, he will always try to find time to catch-up over a meal :) We had agreed to go somewhere local-ish and feeling a whim of spontaneity, I decided on Copo Cafe & Diner, Drummoyne where we had a real delicious breakfast! Little did I know that the head chef was formerly from Rockpool Bar & Grill, and that Copo Cafe & Diner had been awarded "Best Breakfast" in SMH Everyday Eats 2012 - they certainly deserve it! Anyway, I find that the best way to kick-start the day is with a coffee that’s robust in flavour (oh it was a well-made cappuccino!) whilst milder coffees like iced coffee are reserved for after lunch pick-me ups.
copo copo diner
Since it was a warm sunny day, we went upstairs to their outdoor terrace which had a mini herb/leafy green garden.
  copo diner breakfast
Eggs any style on toast w/ chimichurri $10.90
Sides: Pan fried mushrooms $4.50 
Pork chipolata sausage $4.50 

Didn’t try this but Batman seemed to enjoy this a lot :) He was pretty peckish and scoffed it down quite quickly! Actually I lie, I did have a mushroom or two and they were earthy and flavoursome - definitely getting them as a side next time!

  copo diner breakfast speck
Bubble & Squeak w/ fried egg, Barossa Valley speck, cabbage, peas, potato and toast $14.90 ♥♥♥
This dish is the reason why I love Copo Cafe & Diner and to date, it would go down as one of the best breakfast meals I have had! I’ve noticed that I have a penchant for the different ways Brits cook with the humble spud. Bite-size chunks of bacon-like smokey speck with a slightly crisp exterior adding tremendous flavour to the shallow-fried vegetables. Everything about this dish says comfort food and it would make a great hang-over meal!

*The entrance is not on Victoria Road, it’s the street behind if that makes sense.
Copo Cafe & Diner
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When the world stops spinning received Lindt chocolates courtesy of Trish Nicol Agency

  lindt chocolate
On another note, since there wasn’t much of a sweet element to our breakfast, I thought I would share with you what I was sent to sample last week :) Lindt Excellence chocolates have always been rated with a high regard so I was happy to taste-test these four new flavours in the dark chocolate range.
- A Touch of Sea Salt: It has Fleur de Sel salt flakes which enhances the rich full-bodied cocoa flavour. I like having this with cheese.. ^^”
- Passion Fruit Intense: My sister loves this one! But she has a bit of a sweet tooth. The tropical fruity aroma is quite noticeable and has slivers of toasted almonds which I find it helps to mellow the sweetness along with the dark chocolate.  
- Strawberry Intense: Strawberries and dark chocolate. It doesn’t get any more luscious than that! Maybe some champagne ;) I love how they’ve used freeze dried strawberries rather than strawberry jelly cubes so it retains that strawberry texture with the bumpy skin! A little sweet for me even though it’s dark chocolate so I only eat one tile each time, but it’s still my favourite of the four.
- Coconut Intense: Feels like I’m on holidays sipping a Malibu cocktail in an infinity pool when I take a bite of this :) There are slivers of toasted coconut which are slightly caramelised and pairs well with the dark chocolate. Mum thinks this is the best of the range but she’s a bit bias as she loves coconut :P

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