La Tratt - Fairfield RSL, Fairfield

Take a guess where I am? Fairfield RSL.
You would never guess that South West Sydney would have such a beautifully decorated RSL! I remember RSL clubs to be dingy places with "all-you-can-eat" buffets stocked with mediocre food and lots of pokie/slot machines. The outside of Fairfield RSL is lavish and resembles a hotel resort in Hawaii or Bali, a far cry from your regular looking RSL. There’s a dapper doorman dressed from top to toe in grey complete with white gloves and ready to greet you with a dashing smile as you walk across the red carpet into the hotel-like foyer. With all RSL clubs, if you’re 18 years and over, you need to sign in (so don’t forget to bring your ID) - though I’m not quite sure why.. anyway, the sign-in process at Fairfield RSL is much more advanced as your ID is scanned by a machine rather than having to write down your details. *Oh and I noticed they even offer a chaffeur service to the car park (5min walk from the entrance) and a pick-up service from the airport in a black Mercedes Benz, it’s all about class here!
la tratt
La Tratt, Fairfield RSL
When the boy asked where he should take his mother out for a Mothers Day dinner, I suggested La Tratt - Fairfield RSL which worked out perfectly as his mother didn’t want to go anywhere too fancy or in Sydney CBD. Since I was spending Mothers Day with my family, I wasn’t able to attend.. but then his mother suggested we go out the night before to accommodate for my appearance at dinner :3 it was so sweet of her to do that! She wanted me at dinner TuT (<—that’s a happy-tears-streaming-down face lol) major happiness hehe..
drinks cart
Drinks cart
Voss Sparkling $7.90 
Orange juice *forgot to note the price
When we walked in, we noticed they had a wall displaying all their awards and it looked like they had been winning the ‘best restaurant in a club’ almost every year! The service was friendly and I love that they wheeled a drink cart over after we sat down. After looking at their wine list, I was tempted to get a glass or two but since no one else was opting for wine, I decided to get it another time :) #bestbehaviour

bread olive oil
Complimentary olive sourdough and sourdough w/ balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and warm marinated olives
The Maitre’d tells me that their bread is from a local bakery.
Zuppa di funghi porcini (inspired by “My Italian Heart - Guy Grossi”) - Porcini mushroom & chestnut soup w/ goat’s cheese parcels & white truffle oil $16.00
Creamy and fragrant, definitely a lovely soup to celebrate Autumn with seasonal produce. I love that they used white truffle oil instead of black truffle oil since it’s more delicate in flavour so it’s not overwhelming.
Scottato capesante (inspired by “The Silver Spoon - Phaidon”) - Pan seared Atlantic scallops w/ sweet corn puree, crumbed sweetbreads, pancetta & lemon infused olive oil $22.00
Perfectly cooked scallops paired well with the sweet corn and crisp pancetta. But the boy said he would have preferred if the puree had a few kernels of corn just for textures sake. 
Pasta entree size: Tagliolini con gamberi e seppia (inspired by “Ligurian Kitchen - Lucio Galletto & David Gale) - Tagliolini pasta w/ Yamba prawns, cuttlefish, pancetta, white wine, chilli, tomato & basil $19.00
Long silky threads of pasta and a good flavour combination of the sauce to complement the seafood. The chilli is quite subtle but warming.
truffle wagyu
Carpaccio di manzo (inspired by “Grossi Florentino - Guy Grossi & Jan McGuinness) - Tagima Wagyu score 6 beef carpaccio w/ truffle percorino, apple, baby herb salad, anchovy mayonnaise & free range egg yolk $20.00
Hello umami! I could happily eat this over and over again :) Oozing egg yolk smeared across the marbled wagyu carpaccio and neat julienne green apple to cut through the richness. The only strife was the use of table salt sprinkled on which was unnecessary and unpleasant when occasionally met with a tiny grain of salt, would have been better without the salt or maybe salt flakes?
Pasta main size: Spinachi e ricotta lasagne funghi (inspired by “The Silver Spoon - Phaidon”) - Spinach, ricotta & wild mushroom lasagna, with sage nut brown butter & chestnuts $25.00
Absolutely delicious! Layers of lasanga sheets blanketing the softened spinach and an array of wild mushrooms beckoning me to try more than one bite of this dish :) I would order this again but some may find it a bit rich/heavy if you’re not a huge fan of cheese but there’s also the option of ordering it in the entree size.
Complimentary steamed baby carrots, asparagus, and broccolini for the table
Yum :) just the way I like my veg. Steamed, no salt, and a light drizzle of olive oil.
Due volte cotto spatchcock (inspired by “Grossi Florentino - Guy Grossi & Jan McGuinness) - Twice cooked roast spatchcock breast w/ baby spinach gnocchi, asparagus, broad beans & truffle butter $32.00
Since it was the breast, it was surprisingly tender and retained a lot of the moisture - maybe they brined it prior roasting.
duck pie
Torta di anatra funghi (inspired by “My Italian Heart - Guy Grossi”) - Dutton Park confit duck & wild mushroom pie w/ caramelised pear & duck sherry jus $29.00
mm flakey buttery pastry, it doesn’t getting any more comforting than that! The shredded duck meat was plentiful and like the spatchcock, quite tender.
Pasta entree size: Aragosta gnocchi di patate (inspired by “Ligurian Kitchen - Lucio Galletto & David Gale) - Potato gnocchi w/ slipper lobster meat, tomato, chilli, basil & cream $18.00
Since I wasn’t feeling too hungry after a big lunch at Otto Ristorante, the Maitre’d suggested I opt for the entree size as this dish can be quite filling. I really liked the creamy tomato sauce but I would have preferred if the chilli was toned down a bit as I felt it deterred from the taste of the slipper lobster meat. Some of you may be wondering what ‘slipper lobster meat’ is and whilst it tastes very very similar to lobster it’s more like a Moreton Bay Bug. Basically it’s a less expensive alternative to a lobster but still delicious :)
tasting plate
Degustazione piatto $24.00
Tasting platter consisting of:
Honeycomb semifreddo w/ salted peanut caramel, banana, coconut & almond biscuit
This was happiness on a plate for me! Most my favourite sweets combined into a dessert :) I love desserts with salted caramel, bananas and honeycomb! Good balance of flavours without being overwhelmingly sweet.
Italian doughnuts w/ cinnamon sugar & dulce de leche
I was glad that it didn’t taste like a ball of oil ^^” it was quite pleasant and the doughnut mix resembled a yellow pound cake in the center.
Vanilla bean pannacotta w/ poached quince, rose water jelly, citrus & spiced meringue
Light in flavour and I love the rose water jelly cubes with the poached quince.
pear tart tartin
Crostata di pere (inspired by “Made in Italy Food and Store - Giorgio Locatelli”) - Caramelised pear tart w/ nut brown butter gelato & butterscotch $13.50
As this was placed in front of us, I could smell the butterscotch and buttery puff pastry :) It’s a simple dessert but was by far the favourite of the table as it was warm and had a nice balance of savoury and sweetness.

Overall, I think La Tratt is a great restaurant with a lot of potential and whilst Fairfield (it was our first time in Fairfield!) is quite out of the way, I would visit again in the future. Ah the distances I go to for food lol.

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