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One of the reasons that’s drawing the crowd to The White Hart - Neutral Bay is the innovative cocktails by Grant Collins (which you may be familiar with his work at Zeta Bar, Hilton Hotel). It’s a cosy, British sports-inspired drinking hole without the hustle and bustle of the city.
the white hart
Nothing beats lazy weekend drinks and sinking into those plush long lounges :)
Since the boy, Mr Fantastic, T and I had not had lunch yet, we were absolutely famished and ordered one of everything on their tapas style menu without even so much as a glance ^^”
the white hart neutral bay
Dart board!

the white hart tapas
British Nibbles:
Marinated mixed olives, lemon & rosemary $8
Turned out I was the only one fond of olives so.. I had a the bowl to myself :)
Pork scratchings with warm apple sauce $8.50
Crisp but lacked flavour and tasted of oil.. the apple sauce didn’t do much for it either. We each took a bite but couldn’t bring ourselves to finish the rest of it.
WHFC with creamy aioli $15
I was really looking forward to this! Though we found the batter a little heavy but the creamy aioli was superb, needed more of it instead of having it drizzled on the slate.
Moroccan style beef skewers $10
Freshly shucked oysters with cucumber & mint salsa (3) $8
Since Mr Fantastic dislikes seafood, we were able to have an oyster to ourselves without any fights :) Lots of positive feedback from the boys on the salsa but I found it a tad sweet but still enjoyable.
Kingfish ceviche, lime, chilli, coriander & watermelon $10
the white hart tapas food
British Nibbles:
Fried sweet potato chips, aioli $9 ♥♥
Oh my goodness. So unbelievably good and after a drink or two, they are the best things to eat! We polished this off so quickly that we ordered another :) Came with a small pot of their delicious aioli.
Cherry tomato & basil bruschetta $8
Mini lamb burgers, goat’s cheese, red onion relish $15 ♥♥♥
I tend to have a love/hate relationship with lamb since I cannot stand that gamey flavour but these burgers had a great balance of flavours. Simple and nothing fancy, just a patty with cheese and relish between two soft buns. Needless to say we ordered more than one plate :)
                          the white hart cocktail
Sorry can’t remember which one this was but look how pretty it is :)
the british summer cocktail
British summer garden martini - London dry gin, fresh pressed cucumbers, Devonshire cider, chamomile tea syrup, elderflower cordial - served straight up in a vintage coupet on turf slate with edible soil, absinth worms, cut grass “fog”, mini garden tools, cider flagon and the smells and sounds of summer - all the ingredients of an English country garden $19 ♥♥
I love the concept of this and the taste too! It came out on a charcoal slate with a slab of faux grass garden. There were smells of freshly cut grass coming from inside the watering can and chocolate dirt with edible surprises to dig up. Taking a sip of the refreshing martini with the sounds of a backyard cricket game from the little speaker transported me to the game; just briefly, before coming back to reality.

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