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The Sutherland Shire. Definitely not an area I go to often as it’s a fair distance from home, and the only few times I was in Cronulla was either on a school excursion or dropping my sister off near Cronulla Station for her Duke of Edinburgh trek. After a 45 minute drive of me incessantly annoying the driver (the boy) with the inevitable questions of "are weee thereee yet? now? now? now?"; we finally arrived and was lucky enough to have found a parking spot in the busy main shopping strip of Cronulla Street (which by the way, looks and feels very much like Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast!), not far from INC Cafe where we were long overdue in meeting with the Shire locals, Sir Edmund and Lady Grace. Sprawled with a similar design to an Ed Hardy store and almost every table was occupied, luckily Lady Grace had made reservations as INC Cafe seemed like the place where many of the hip locals dined. 
Sonoma kalamata olive sourdough bruschetta
Silly me for forgetting to take a photo of the menu.. Anyway, the crumbled fetta and diced tomatoes and red onions paired well with the olive sourdough, though I felt it was a little dry despite the juices from the tomatoes. Possibly a drizzle of olive olive would have enhanced this dish. 
Gourmet pizza $19
Mediterranean lamb - slow cooked marinated lamb, spanish onion, roasted capsicum drizzled w/ light tzatziki and lemon
I tend to avoid lamb just in case there’s that distinct lingering of gamey taste. However, the lamb here is beautifully succulent and that light tzatziki just made this pizza shine. I would definitely recommend this pizza!
Prosciutto - sliced prosciutto, cherry tomato, garlic, kalamata olives, fresh basil and shaved parmesan cheese
In comparison to the Mediterranean lamb, we felt the flavours on this pizza just didn’t cut it for us. Also the fresh basil and parmesan cheese seemed to be invisible. 

fish and chips
Seafood platter - fish and chips, tartare sauce, cajun spiced prawns, and baby octopus
Since we were just a couple minutes walk to the beach, it only felt natural to order a seafood platter. Whilst it came out on a sizzling plate, there was no hissing of sizzling. The fish and chips were generous in portion and went well with their tartare sauce (unsure if it was house-made). I quite enjoyed the cajun spiced prawns as the heat was more mild than hot, though the baby octopus tasted as if they were soaking in vinegar. 
Fried fetta greek salad - mixed lettuce, cucumber, tomato, spanish onion, kalamata olives and fried fetta cheese w/ balsamic dressing $10
When I saw fried fetta on the menu, I just had to order it! It was mixed in with a salad to balance the thin batter coating the cubes of fetta, however I found that there was a tad too much balsamic dressing. 
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Seems like there’s nothing special about Hump day lol
The wire ‘cages’ with booths and curtains are a cute touch :) We didn’t order any dessert as Lady Grace wanted to take us somewhere else but by the time we had finished dinner (most of it chatting), the dessert place had shut their doors for the night. So we proceeded to leisurely stroll along the beach before bidding farewell to Sir Edmund and Lady Grace :)

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