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a tavola
Birthday celebrations have always had a lot of emphasis in my family. Even from a young age, I grew up with the notion that everyone had to listen to the birthday girl/boy and adhere to all their wishes for the day. Slowly that tradition developed into a birthday week of celebrations with family, different groups of friends, and of course a special day with the significant other. Whilst I gleefully love celebrating my birthday and can be extravagantly pedantic about things going my way, the boy on the other hand doesn’t think much of birthday celebrations! :O And that’s the thing with relationships, comprising is key because everyone grows up with different family traditions. So upon the birthday boy’s request, all he wanted was an intimate dinner with close friends and "nothing too fancy".. I knew just the place - A Tavola, Darlinghurst.
*Menu changes daily for the specials and pastas are made fresh. Always go for their specials :) 
bread olive oil
Complimentary house-made foccacia bread with chilli olive oil
1L Sparkling water
Aperitivi: Martini al Limoncello - Limoncello, vodka, Noilly Prat $18
Olive all `Ascolana
$12 (on the regular menu) ♥♥
Our friendly waiter (we’ve had him serve us each time we’ve eaten here! Great guy and attentive) recommended that we order the olive all`ascolana as he assured us that they were definite crowd pleasers - true to his words :) Who can say no to golden balls stuffed with minced veal, pork, and a large green olive. Even some of the non-olive eaters around the table admitted that they would happily devour these "fried meatballs"; lettuce leaves were left unnoticed as we were all interested in the balls ^^”. 
Burrata con Uva - Burrata, red grapes, tarragon, sorrel, vinagro, pickled eshallot, grilled ciabatta $19 
We had 8 in the group and shared all the dishes as they are generous portions :). I love my cheese and it’s always a battle between hard and soft cheeses but the burrata here won me over. Creamy and buttery yet still light in taste with the stretchy chewy texture of mozzerella and paired well with the sweet grape halves. 

Gnocchi con Cavolfiore e Tartufo - House made potato gnocchi, cauliflower, peas, truffle butter, zucchini flower, pangrattato $33 ♥♥
Even though it was the boy’s birthday, he and the others let me decide on the dishes to order :) I was immediately drawn to this dish as I reminisced the pillowy gnocchi from Omerta (their sister store which has closed down) and this did not disappoint. It was simply creamy and delicious. Although everyone liked it, some of the guys wished that there was meat in the dish! Boys lol.
a tavola pasta
Spaghetti alle cozze $25 (on the regular menu)
Whilst the spaghetti was cooked al dente and the mussels exuded the fragrant tomato based sauce, it did not receive the same enthusiasm as the dishes from the daily specials menu. Still a great dish but I would go for the specials :)
Triangoli con Ripieno di Pesce - Triangoli filled with flathead, fennel, mascarpone, strega, beetroot, caper berry $34 ♥♥
There was a bit of debate when we decided whether we should order this dish as Mr C didn’t like the taste of fish but said he would try it, and he loved it ;) Surprisingly this was one of the preferred dishes of the night! The flavours were delicate and well-balanced.
Maiale con Farro e Asparagi - Pork fillet, farro, asparagus, king brown mushroom, thyme, white balsamic $36
My favourites of this dish was the mushrooms and farro which was like a grain of rice but had the same nuttiness like quinoa.
pappardelle ragu
Pappardelle con Ragu di Manzo - Hand cut pappardelle pasta, slow braised beef, red wine, tomato, fresh horseradish $34 ♥♥♥
Parmesan pot for the table
Baby cos, tomato, basil, cucumber, olives $15 (on the regular menu)
If you ever want deliciously fresh silky pappardelle in Sydney, this is the place to be. I’m sorry but words cannot describe how delicious their slow braised beef ragu is with their pappardelle ♥ Just trust me on this one and order it. We ordered a salad as well to balance out the carbohydrates but it remained on the edge of the table for most the meal until I polished it off :P 

A tavola - http://atavola.com.au
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Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst
We didn’t stay at A Tavola for dessert because I had ordered an ice cream cake for the birthday boy :) He requested an ice cream cake for last year too! Since there weren’t any available seats outside to accommodate us, we headed back to the boy’s office to cut the cake.. ending the night with an epic game of hide&seek in the dark ^^ 
gelato messina juliette
JulietteA wild strawberry sorbet centre with vanilla semi-freddo and strawberry gelato, all on a base of marsala and strawberry syrup soaked sponge. Finished with piped meringue and wild strawberries. $38 ♥♥ 
*I got him one of those birthday candles with coloured flames!
Nerd fact: Different chemicals produce different coloured flames e.g. sodium = yellow, copper = blue/green, potassium = purple etc 

juliette gelato messina
Oh Juliette you are so beautiful and sweet :D 
Happy birthday baby
(even though this post is three months overdue lol) 

Gelato Messina - http://www.gelatomessina.com.au/ 
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