The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay, Glebe

Isn’t that a glorious sight?
blackwattle bay
Blackwattle Bay
the boathouse
San Benedetto sparkling mineral water $9
Cocktail: Pear & ginger lemonade $18
For my 22nd birthday earlier this year, my endearing significant other took me to dine at The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay, Glebe. We arrived just as they opened for dinner service so we could take advantage of the beautiful sunlight as it streamed in from the glass panels. It was so lovely to be seated in the corner facing the CBD and Sydney Fish Markets overlooking the rowers on Blackwattle Bay; it kind of felt as if we were dining on the water :) 
Rusty Wire Rock - South Coast, NSW $5.50ea
Moonlight Kisses Rock - South Coast, NSW $4.20ea
Corrie Island Rock - Mid North Coast, NSW $4.20ea ♥♥
Moonlight Flat Angasi - South Coast, NSW $6.00ea
Served with mignonette, dark rye bread, and multigrain bread
Slippery, slimy, creamy, sea-salty.. it’s raw, crude, and has a visceral sensation, oh how I love freshly shucked oysters. Although I was tempted to order one of each oyster on their list, I knew I should save my stomach for the rest of the evening so we had four each. Usually I would pick oysters from the South Coast over the Mid North Coast but our waitress suggested we try the Corrie Island Rock which actually was our favourite!
Seared Hervey Bay Scallops - creamed corn, pancetta & crustacean oil $27
Perfectly cooked scallops with the center like sashimi, crisp pancetta and onion rings. What blew us away was the crustacean oil and the creamed corn! Not quite creamed since there were still kernels which were texturally welcome. The smell of prawns and crabs wafted past our noses as our waiter placed this dish in front of the boy, it was delicious!

Char grilled Hiramasa Kingfish - saffron, red peppers, almonds & chorizo $27
My dish on the other hand was also superb in flavour even though the kingfish was a little over charred (removed most of it so I wouldn’t taste the bitterness). I loved the mix of the almonds, peppers and chorizo which had a smokey taste and complemented the kingfish.
swordfish steak
Swordfish steak $41
Aaaw it’s shaped in a heart ♥ This was the boy’s main since he felt like something a bit tougher in texture so a deep-sea swordfish steak was ordered. The charring on this was lovely and smokey in flavour and since it was a bit tougher than most fish, it was more similar to chicken than fish. *Sorry can’t remember much of this dish since I was busy devouring mine ^^” but the boy enjoyed this very much.
snapper pie
Snapper Pie - smoked tomato & mashed potato (25min) $48 ♥♥
Ah the Snapper Pie. A pie at such an elegant restaurant?! Is it overrated? Definitely not! I knew I wanted the pie before we even sat down. Everyone talks about the Snapper Pie and surely it couldn’t be THAT good, but it was. Golden flakey puff pastry, light creamy sauce, succulent pieces of snapper, hint of sweetness (not like a dessert though), and a waft of truffle oil. The smoked tomato and buttery smooth mash was outshone by the pie, who knew a pie could be that good! We even asked the waiter to bring us more bread to mop up the sauce :3 
the boathouse on blackwattle bay
Night view from our table :) Sorry for the dodge pics, it started getting quite dark..
honeycomb donut
Honey mousse - fig, berries, honeycomb & caramel doughnut $18 ♥♥
This dessert is made just the way I like. I would come back just to have this dessert because the honey mousse wasn’t overly sweet and it had all my favourite fruits! Plus I have a soft spot for honeycomb (I love Crunchie bars! But I rarely eat them cause I know it’s bad for my teeth, it’s a love/hate relationship) ♥ oh and the oozy caramel coming out of the doughnut was also very delicious!
cheese board
Brillat - Savarin from Normandie, France $18 ♥♥
Devoured this by myself because the boy didn’t want any cheese.. or he saw the glee on my face with every bite of this creamy Brillat so he knew better than to take it from me :)
the boathouse blackwattle bay
Complimentary brownie bites
So sweet of them to bring out brownie petit fours as we asked for our bill :) After our meal we had a romantic stroll along the waterside, it was a fabulous birthday ♥

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