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caffe sicilia
Lauretana sparkling water and complimentary olives & bread rolls
"Hi I have reservations under ‘Vivian’"
"Ah yes, Vivian! Welcome welcome!" - I almost expected a hug after that haha
Stepping into Caffe Sicilia - Surry Hills, I’m greeted by the staff who have been awaiting my arrival with such friendliness as if we were long time friends who haven’t seen each other in a while. Funnily enough the boy is a bit startled by the warmth of the waitstaff. It’s a pleasant service change from the regular Sydney dining scene and I feel as though I’ve been transported back to Europe where waitstaff treat you as if you’ve been welcomed into their homes. The bread rolls are freshly house-made and goes down well with the dipping of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. We’re seated on the outdoor terrace, savouring the olives that had been tossed in a pan with miniscule diced carrots and capsicums. We watch the passerbys walking their dogs, going for a jog, couples hand in hand.. occasionally a few stop to wave or have a quick greeting with the charming waiters. I notice on a table nearby are a group of women giggling and batting their lashes profusely at their waiter.
We opt for a glass of Prosecco which can be described loosely as the Italian champagne. It’s sparkling, crisp, and comes with a strawberry wedge - what’s not to like? :)
Almond degustation (March) -Entree: Casareccia pasta w/ seared swordfish, toasted almonds and diced tomatoes, white wine and extra virgin olive oil emulsion
If you’re looking for a bang for your buck, this is the meal you want! The almond degustation is only during March to celebrate the first almond blossoms of the year. It’s a three course meal at $55pp or $70pp including a glass of wine. The Casareccia pasta entree is an enormous serving and could easily be passed off as a main. The pasta is cooked al dente still retaining a bit of bite, there’s a small amount of heat to the dish but pairs well with the cubes of swordfish. Although the almonds seem to serve as a garnishing, the nutty flavour is quite enjoyable with this dish.
Almond degustation (March) - Entree: King prawns salad Trapanese w/ basil, tomato and almonds knife cut pesto
Definitely another generous serving portion size which I would’ve been happy to have as a main but maybe others have a larger appetite than I do. The prawns are well-cooked and I love the Trapanese pesto which has a sweetness from the tomatoes and a textural soft crunch of almonds. The head and tail of the prawn has been left on for presentation purposes but I like how the middle flesh was already shelled. 

baked fish
Almond degustation (March) -Main: Almond praline baked Snapper fillet, served w/ pan tossed wilted cherry tomatoes & black sesame seeds
Moist and tender fillet which was perfectly cooked throughout. I like this method of encasing a meat and baking it which ensures the moisture is trapped inside. The almond praline is slightly sweet with a tinge of saltiness for balance and is only encasing the top of the fillet so it’s crisp and not soggy. The presentations of the cherry tomatoes are very cute though a little more greens on the plate would have been good.
pork schnitzel
Almond degustation (March) -Main: Pan fried almond crumbed pork cutlets accompanied w/ oven roasted potatoes and a light Moscato wine reduction ♥♥
This is a simple dish but strikes nostalgia in my heart. Sort of the same way when Anton Ego took a bite of the ratatouille made by Remy in the Disney Pixar movie, Ratatouille ♥. The pan fried cutlet dipped in the light Moscato wine reduction sauce tastes very similar to the Chinese style lemon honey chicken. Though they do say the Chinese have influenced food in all cultures. The sauce is sweet like honey with a citrus note and it reminds me of my ABC (Australian born Chinese) childhood. But the best part of this dish was the oven roasted potatoes with pancetta and caramelised onions. Such simple ingredients yet evoking great emotional attachment. It’s hard to describe it but it’s a sense of familiarity and comfort like a hug from your parents. I would definitely order this again if it were on the regular menu!
almond granita
Almond degustation (March) -Dessert: Sicilian almond granita
I wouldn’t necessarily call this a granita as it was more closer to a sorbet. Regardless it’s a healthy dessert which tastes like it was made from almond milk (dairy free!). The flavour of almonds are intensified and it’s overwhelming at first but after a few spoonfuls it’s quite pleasant. Oh did I mention that almonds are also very good for your skin :)
Almond degustation (March) -Dessert: Almond marzipan coated Italian cake
The insides taste like an egg custard and pairs well with the sweetness from the almond marzipan. 
caffe sicilia surry hills
Charismatic waiters :)
pistachio granita
Pistachio granita
Our waiter (pictured on the right - he’s from Tuscany!) brings us an extra treat, the pistachio granita which he tells me is one of their most popular flavours. This is the boy’s favourite as it tastes strongly of roasted pistachios - doesn’t taste artificial at all.
caffe sicilia outdoor
There are a variety of sweet treats and meats on display inside. Coincidentally, earlier that day I had a work lunch at Caffe Sicilia and I had the Rigatoni Alla Norma (eggplant, pomodoro sauce and baked ricotta $16)♥which was absolutely delicious, would go back for more :)

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