Azuma Patisserie, Sydney CBD

One of my absolute favourite places for cakes other than Black Star Pastry, Newtown is Azuma Patisserie, Sydney CBD. They have the most delicious chiffon cakes (my favourite is the cinnamon chiffon ^^), it’s so soft and fluffy - Described in SMH Good Living as a “Feathery, Pillowy, Melt-in-the-mouth  sensation”. If cakes aren’t your cup of tea, they also have frozen yoghurt and they stock Movenpick ice-cream cups :) Great place for dessert or afternoon tea!
strawberry shortcake
Strawberry layered cake (round/square) 15cm $38
Layers of light vanilla sponge, whipped fresh cream & fresh strawberries
Dad’s 51st cake after dinner at Cara & Co, Sydney CBD (will blog soon)
The first time I had a strawberry shortcake (called the layered cake at Azuma Patisserie) was when I was in Japan. You really don’t know what you’re missing out on if you’ve never tried this, the Japanese make the BEST strawberry shortcakes ever. The sponge layers are light and not dense at all, but the most amazing element of this cake is the cream. I don’t know how they do it but the whipped fresh cream is so extremely light yet retains the creaminess of double/heavy cream.
green tea tart
Green tea tart 15cm $33 ♥♥
The cream melted a little by the time we came home from my brother’s 20th birthday degustation at Yoshii, The Rocks (will post soon). This actually isn’t on the cake list, it was made as a special order thanks to the lovely staff at Azuma Patisserie :) They sell the small 5cm tart in the cafe and the first time my brother and I tried it we fell in love with the flavours. It has a perfect blend of the matcha bitterness along with a lingering sweetness. For those who like green tea, this tart is a sure winner!
mont blanc
Mont Blanc 15cm $33
Sweetened Chestnut paste & fresh whipped cream in a sweet tart base.  Named after the mountain “Mont Blanc” in the French Alps
Mum’s other 50th birthday cake after dinner at Quay, Sydney (will post soon!)
Chestnuts are so diverse in their uses for cooking. You can have roasted chestnuts, chestnut cream/paste, chestnut puree as a substitute for butter etc. I love the sweet nutty strands of chestnut puree on this tart :) They usually have the small 5cm tart in the cafe too.
azuma patisserie
♥ Family :)
It’s always hard to take family shots, usually I swap with dad to take photos. We’ll do timed shots on a point and shoot but I really need to work on perfecting it on my dslr ^^”

Something to share with my readers (stumbled upon this with the power of the right search terms in Google lol); for a list of the cakes and prices click —> Azuma Patisserie’s cake order form!

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