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claires kitchen
Complimentary bread by Brasserie Breads
There’s a new player in town and while they’re still trying to find their feet, the host, Claire, owner of Slide Lounge, is drawing the crowds into her latest establishment - Claire’s Kitchen at Le Salon, Darlinghurst. It’s hard to miss the white curtains on the flamboyant Oxford St and I notice many passer-bys whipping out their phones to take a photo or note down the number of the restaurant. The most impressive aspect is definitely the Parisian inspired interior design .. and the eye candy waiters ^^” Even the boy seems a little infatuated by the one at the bar as he asks me, "do you think I can look as good as him?".
Bottom of the menu: “Your host Marc Kuzna aka Claire de Lune”
steak tartare
Steak tartare $24
"I recall Margaret Fulton lecturing me in the 1980’s on how important it was the hand chop beef for steak tartare" so we do and serve it with condiments and toasted French baguette.
The presentation was interesting as I’ve never had my steak tartare served in little ‘sausages’. Finely chopped raw beef with mixed herbs, dipped into the sweet sticky sauce and popped onto a slice of toasted baguette. Not sure what that olive-looking thing is but it tasted very similar to a caper and complimented the sauce.
Escargots bourguignons $14/$22 (1/2 dozen/dozen)
Traditional French snails in garlic, parsley and Brandy butter.
I love snails! It’s similar in texture to an oyster without the fatty creaminess. I really enjoyed this dish though I would have preferred if the taste of garlic was a little stronger. We kept the dish of garlic-y melted butter to dip our complimentary bread in :)
duck pie
Canard en croute $22
Chef Daz Antaw speciality: Duck and pinot noir pie in short crust pastry topped with a slice of melted double brie.
Funny & frustrating story: Earlier that day, I went to the Powerhouse Museum: Harry Potter exhibition with my sister. For lunch we decided to get a potato pie and chicken & mushroom pie from Hannah’s Hot Pies and sat down to eat them on the McDonald benches outside the Entertainment Centre. After eating half our pies, we swapped pies. Before we even had a chance to chow down into the second half of the pies a seagull swooped by snatching part of my sister’s pie! It must have crash landed because we had bits and pieces of chicken/mushroom/gravy on our shirts and hair -.- my sister even got a little cut on her finger :O ended up throwing out the rest of the pies for fear of disease :/ I’ve always disliked birds, particularly pigeons and seagulls; they’re flying rats ><
So anyway, I needed my pie fix and this pie did the trick. It’s hard to fault flaky pastry and the small bed of truffle mash on the bottom. I loved the pulled apart duck meat though I felt the brie wasn’t needed.
Poelee d’haricots verts a la moutarde $10
Sauteed green beans with grain mustard.
Only realised this now that our beans were meant to be sauteed with grain mustard.. these were just blanched.
          steak and mash
Filet de boeuf $38
Tasmanian grass fed beef fillet with truffled mash and shiraz with star anise jus.
This was a big hunk of meat which the boy enjoyed but he found it a little filling. I helped him out by forking some of his truffled mash :)
dessert tray
Daily selection of dessert from the trolley $18 for 2 choices
Don’t think these are made in-house but the macarons were pretty good! We had a passionfruit and a hazelnut, the buttercream filling was smooth and melted in our mouths. We also picked out the lemon curd tart which was more sweet than sour which I prefer but still delicious, and the plum tart which turned out to be very sour after eating the lemon curd!
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