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Really want to dine at David Chang’s Momofuku Seiobo - The Star but can’t seem to get a reservation? Has frustration got a hold of you to the point where you’re ready to throw in the towel and give up trying to refresh the online reservation page daily at 10am? Walked-in but was turned away due to no reservations (saw many people get turned away last night)? Wondering if you really want to fork out $175pp on the degustation? Or you’ve simply been before and all you wanted was another pork bun? Well, I’ll let you in on a secret.. yesterday for our Valentine’s dinner, the boy & I waltzed (not literally lol) into Momofuku Seiobo and were seated without reservations :) It was actually a last minute decision since I prefer Valentine’s dining to be a bit low key .. haha not that Momofuku Seiobo is low key - will explain below!momofuku seiobo bar
Guess where we are? ;)
So when I say low key, I mean no reservations and eating whatever we feel like on the day (if we were in America or Asia it would just be street food like hot dogs or fishballs on a skewer etc). I’m a bit nit-picky about Valentine’s Day like that. Anyway the night before, I was on the Momofuku Seiobo website looking at the menu for no reason - I just like looking at restaurant menus in my spare time just to see whether they’ve added new dishes etc ^^” I came across something interesting on their menu description "from 7pm – 10:30pm monday-saturday, we offer a limited bar menu at our 5-seat bar (walk-ins only). the bar menu, different from the tasting menu, ranges from AUD$4-19 and features snacks that we like to eat while drinking.” Not sure why I didn’t notice that before o_O has anyone else?!
momofuku seiobo bar menu
Bar menu
When we asked to be seated at the bar for the bar food, the manager seemed a little surprised by it as I’m assuming very few actually know about the bar menu! Since we weren’t sure on the sizes and I thought the portion size would be quite small, we ordered two of everything except the seasonal pickles (he didn’t want pickles so I was going to order it later if I was still hungry but we were so full at the end, will order them next time).
                     single rose
The boy actually got me a rose despite the fact that I like it to be low key .. but his reasoning was: “I wasn’t going to get you any but I didn’t want you to feel left out if we walked past people with roses” aaw sweet of him to think of that but I’ve made it clear, no more roses on Valentine’s Day lol. The price mark-up is absolutely outrageous! $15 for a single rose O_O that’s the equivalent of two Pork Buns!!
chicken wings
Confit chicken wings $16
Whilst writing this post, I wanted to re-create the ambience of being at Momofuku Seiobo *cue music: The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (funk remix) & Animals - Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood*. There’s a real NY city vibe whilst keepin’ it real, the mood doesn’t fit into your regular fine dining scene so some diners may not appreciate the hip vibe. Anyway I digress, each serving size consists of a mix of six wings and drumettes (even though the menu says wings), one serving would’ve been enough for the both of us ^^” It’s sticky and fiddly to eat without using your fingers. It feels naughty to pick them up and eat with our hands in a fine dining restaurant even if it’s the bar. They’re reminiscent of succulent buffalo wings though my only vice is the use of ginger juice in the sauce. The boy couldn’t really taste it but I thought it was a little overwhelming (there are two things I detest: cumin and ginger).
korean rice cakes
Spicy roasted rice cakes $15
I LOVE Korean food, especially their street food! I find it real comforting whenever I eat ddukbokki (rice cakes) and these were one of the best I’ve had. A little crisp on the outside and chewy glutinous rice on the inside. The sauce was like an amalgamation of gochujang and hoisin sauce - so a sweet but not overtly sweet chilli sauce :D *we should’ve just ordered one serving between the two of us cause it gets quite filling lol
momofuku pork buns
       sriracha chilli sauce
Pork buns $14 ♥♥
This is what you’ve all been waiting for! Yes, you can order these famed Pork Buns (yes capitol letters are well-deserved) at the bar! Each serving comes with two Pork Buns and they disappear everso quickly ;) A few dots of Sriracha chilli sauce make it just perfect. There’s not fault to this delicious morsel; from the soft mantou palm wrap to the tender pork belly (so glad there’s no crackling as I find it too oily), crisp slices of cucumber, shallots, and hoisin sauce. ♥♥
spanner crab
Spanner crab roll & celery chip salt $19 ♥♥
This was another favourite of the night! A fine dining take on a hot dog haha. Thick slices of buttery brioche toasted on the sides, melted butter on the inside of the slice and stuffed with a slightly chilli spanner crab mixture. I really wanted another one had I not been so full.. the chips were sliced unbelievably thin and so crispy ♥ the celery salt was subtle but still delicious.
picked egg
Pickled egg $4
Gooey yolk, just the way I like it :) It’s pickled and the vinegar is a little strong but would be perfect with a dry beer and buttered popcorn! So that’s the last of the bar food (minus the seasonal pickles);we’re told that the bar menu will be staying the same for quite a while though they will have having a sweet addition soon - can’t wait to be back!
2010 Mukai Shuzo, ‘Ine Mankai’ Junmai Genshu (Kyoto) $23/180 chilled
Ine Mankai is a rose petal coloured Sake with high levels of sweetness balanced by high levels of acidity, which makes this a Sake well suited to food matching.   Complex smokey cherry, vanilla and pickle aroma with a unique savoury yet fruity palate with flavours of pomegranate and vanilla followed by olives.
lucky peach
Lucky Peach Issue#2 $17
You can purchase a copy of the Lucky Peach issues and the cookbook at Momofuku Seiobo. Seriously good reads!

*One thing I forgot to mention was their soda stream! It’s so cool, so they get their sparkling water out of a tap rather than from a brand of sparkling water :D I just thought it was the coolest thing ever :)

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